With the rapid rise and growth of innovative technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, a massive transformation are taking place in all industries. The finance sector is taking a major boost with the advent of digital assets.

Financial technology or FinTech is providing the financial sector with a breakthrough, giving a new edge to offer perfect financial transaction services and online security. Fintech provides business with a digital transformation from the traditional financial services to smarter, business applications.

With efficient digital transformation consulting and custom business applications, the financial industry is on the way of transforming the customer experience. The whole financial process has been streamlined, providing the sector with a reduction in operational cost and increased efficiency.

What is fintech?

Fintech combines the principles of finance with technology. Companies provide financial services through technology by various methods like mobile payments and cryptocurrency. Any company that uses mobile devices, internet or cloud services to perform financial services comes under fintech. Fintech has undergone serious innovations and has transformed the way customers access their finances. Fintech has disrupted traditional banking methods and financial industries, posing a threat to conventional brick-and-mortar financial organizations. 

Initially, the technology was applicable only to the back-end systems, but now, fintech is more consumer-focused. In 2020, fintech can impact stocks trading, fund management, insurance management, food payments, and much more. 

Fintech challenges

Data Protection

Data privacy and security is crucial for any financial firms, especially in this age where cyber crimes are on the rise. Various enterprise application development firms help financial companies to protect their data with blockchain technologies, helping them control the issue. With the rising challenges in the financial sector, blockchain business applications provide to be the key to data security.

Attracts customers

Fintech companies are highly successful in raising investments. But when it comes to earning new customers, they face a massive challenge, as every new bank have their fintech app to manage their operations and reduce the dependence of others. A mobile app is what a financial firm needs to attract more customers.

Insufficient knowledge

Since the fintech companies do not follow the conventional approaches of financial institutions, there are differences in the methods used to serve the customers. These fintech institutions can interrupt financial entrepreneurs. However, unless proper training has reached various users, errors can disrupt these firms from reaching its full potential.

The role of blockchain technology

Blockchain plays a key role in keeping the data safe in the fight against cybercrimes. However, the role of blockchain in fintech is not limited to data security; they help in building trust among customers.  

Blockchain helps in building more reliable payment activities. Blockchain plays a key role in custom business application development for the fintech industry.

The importance of AI

AI has been a major part of today’s technology innovation. Various analysts predict that AI will soon change how the fintech industry works.

AI systems will be able to provide resources for automated wealth management, open banking and customer authentication. AI will be also able to detect intruders or illegal financial transactions.


The finance sector has been undergoing major changes in these recent years. With the advent of the latest technology innovations, the fintech sector is marching towards a great future. Want to know how to apply the latest technologies to your financial institution? Say Hi for a free consultation.

Why is FinTech important?

With Fintech applications, banks can provide their services digitally, putting an end to the queues in financial institutions. Transactions can be done in a few clicks.

How much Does It Cost to Develop a Fintech app?

Typically, a fintech app costs around $20,000 to $1,00,000, or even more. The cost can depend upon the features, time and other factors.

What are the best programming languages to build a fintech app?

Python, Java, C++, C#, C, and Ruby are the best programming languages for Fintech development.

What is the next big development in Fintech?

Technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, data-driven markets, automation, chatbots and online transactions are going to be the future of fintech industry.

What are the major features of FinTech applications?

The major features of fintech apps are:

  • Data Security
  • Customer Attraction
  • Analytics
  • Simplified User Experience
  • Personalization