Top 10 Latest Web Design Trends for 2017 | Web Design

    Top 10 Latest Web Design Trends for 2017 | Web Design

    The Web Design Trends at present focus more on developing and improving the user interface and giving them a friendly user experience. Whether you are interested in becoming a good web designer or a professional in the field of designing new websites, you need to be constantly upgraded about all the current web design trends. A great website is the only way that can showcase your business online as well as give you a definite edge over your competitors. In fact, users demand parameters like interactive, relevant and personal content which has become a challenging task for web designers.

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    Below we will discuss some of the latest web design trends of 2017


    • Bold Typography
    • Simple and Straightforward Text
    • Graphics & Illustrations
    • Duotone or Two Color Schemes
    • A Mixture of Vertical & Horizontal Text
    • Use of Geometric Patterns and Shapes
    • Modular Designs
    • Texts & Images can be overlapped
    • Cinemagraphs like Videos or GIFs
    • Micro-interactions


    Latest web design trends of 2017


    Bold Typography


    Lately, companies are making their homepages with big and bold typography styles. This will work best when you keep the rest of the page clean with the minimum of design.


    Simple and Straightforward Text


    Some websites rely more on providing a few lines of simple and straightforward text instead of images or eminent navigation sections to give information to visitors about their company or business. This is a modern and neat approach to giving information.


    Graphics & Illustrations


    After many years of making websites with flat minimal designs, Illustration and graphic artists are being employed to give your site personality with some illustrated touches.


    Duotone or Two Color Schemes


    Websites with two color tones look modern and attractive. The use of colors definitely adds some texture and depth to a simple website.


    A Mixture of Vertical & Horizontal Text


    Instead of using horizontal text, placement of text can be done vertically on a page to add a refreshing depth. A simple page with a mix of horizontal and vertical text will give it a different perspective or dimension.


    Use of Geometric Patterns and Shapes


    At times whimsical shapes and patterns are replacing flat material design giving it a definite flair on the drab landscape.


    Modular Designs


    Modular designs are a good way to make a clean and easily accessible website that will keep the visitors absorbed. Although this is an old trend but is continuously being used in 2017. An unexpected ripple effect is created when you shift your cursor over the dividing edges in between modules.


    Texts & Images can be Overlapped


    Sometimes overlapping text over a colorful image gives an amazing effect when it comes to portfolios and blogs. The effect becomes more pronounced if the text is underlined.


    Cinemagraphs like Videos or GIFs


    Cinemagraphs like GIFs or high quality videos running constantly on the screen are used to add some movement as well as visual interest to an otherwise still image. Full screen loops are a great way to hold the attention of the viewers for a longer time.




    Micro-interactions are tweaks that provide some sort of animation making the user experience more communicative. Such micro-interactions include Swipe, Animations, Call to Action, Data Input and Animated Buttons. Ensure that micro-interactions should act as a guide and not as a distracting element.

    Web Design Trends are not just following a particular style, it refers to understanding the specific requirements of the user making their user experience awesome and trying to get them more actively involved in the website. If you want to make your brand unique and strong, try incorporating more than one trend in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

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