Web designing includes the various skills and technologies in the implementation of websites. Web design is not only about the design stage. It has graphics design, proper coding, interface design, search engine optimization and many other factors. The back-end developers have the authority of coding, which is responsible for the page format. But, the front end designers decide how the page is going to look like.

How Can You Make a Website?

You need to have basic coding and designing skills in order to develop a website. You should be familiar with HTML and CSS syntax, which are the most used languages on which modern websites are built upon. Then you need to work on the graphic side using any image editors. Finally, you should be aware of how to share the website live on the web.

Often, the developers and designers work in separate teams and perform their tasks and with proper co-ordination they make a webpage. Sometimes, developers have an insight about designing the page and some of them could develop web pages of their own. Such developers are called full stack developers.

What are the Functions of a Full Stack Developer?

They are able to work with both back end as well as front-end. In such cases, developers are able to work at the back end in various languages like PHP, JS, HTML, CSS etc… And they also have basic skills in Photoshop for designing. A full stack developer need not master all the areas and technologies that he works on. But he should be well aware of the basics of coding in those languages and familiar with the front end frameworks.
The full stack developer must have an insight into the responsive design, CSS preprocessors like LESS and SASS, webserver and programming languages, database management etc.. He should be comfortable with both front and back end technologies and able to manage them independently.Full stack developers should know about UI/UX design and be able to convert the design using Photoshop or other illustrator files. He must communicate well with the team members about the assigned task and even work on it if the situation demands so.

Full Stack Web Developer

Front End Design and Development
World Wide Web has released the updated new standards for HTML, CSS etc… Accordingly, the latest technologies used are HTML5 and CSS3. JavaScript was not much considered in the early days, but it is one of the most powerful and popular languages which is used today. JavaScript is a scripting language which adds functionalities for the pages. JQuery is a good and feature-rich javascript library which consists of many inbuilt functions. The use of JQuery makes the access of HTML documents easier to manipulate. It also works well with various browsers that are available today.
Along with them, CSS is also gaining popularity. CSS3 is best used for animation these days. CSS enhances the styles of the sheets such as color, alignment, size, background position of any document which is written in a markup language. CSS3 is easy to use and to interact with. This style sheet language provides better user experience. CSS plays an important role in making good looking webpages and also to execute best user interfaces forvarious web as well as mobile applications.
HTML5 is used now to provide best layout for the website. It is a markup language mainly used to decide how the content is presented on the World Wide Web. Along with the JavaScript and CSS, HTML is also an important tool which is used by many websites to make stunning webpages. HTML is basically a markup language and not a programming language. HTML5 provides options to use various medias on websites like large images, videos etc…
Many of the web and mobile apps today use HTML5, CSS3, Javascript to implement the webpages. The modern web development tools allow developers to manipulate and to comfortably work with these web technologies including CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, DOM and other elements which are involved in the web design. The latest trends in the field of web design have provided wide opportunities for the developers to experiment more and bring about new appearance for the webpages.
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