Shareonthego is one of the leading carpool app development companies offering services linking drivers and riders quickly and easily with their Carpooling Apps. These amazing apps allow you to travel in comfort while you save money and at the same time reduce carbon emissions creating an eco-friendly environment. People who commute daily and are not interested in traveling by public transport find these apps a great way to maximize their transportation efficiency. In fact, carpooling is becoming very popular now with the advent of Carpool mobile apps that besides being a green idea also reduces your fuel budget and reduces the wear and tear of your vehicle along with letting you travel in comfort with like-minded people.

How does car pooling app works

Carpooling App is a very simple way to share a ride. It works when you post a ride request or an offer for a ride by posting the start and end of your journey and wait for a user to respond. Once you get a response, you’e ready to go. It is a great idea to get company when you are traveling alone beside letting you save money too. It works in the following way.

Find a ride/Offer a ride

A carpool app is a very safe and effective way to offer rides to people as well as find rides from people going in the same direction irrespective of it being a small town or a metropolitan city.

Get in Touch

When you find a person who is offering a ride or one who accepts your offer of a ride, get in touch with them through the app by sending notifications instantly.

Customizing your Dashboard

You can enable trip tracking, infographics, statistics and other notifications through your Custom Dashboard for both drivers and co-passengers. Both the driver and rider are given a separate interface so they have the choice of viewing, searching and managing their rides .

Traveling together

Once you have accepted the offer of a ride or vice-versa you can decide on a meeting point and travel together and make your journey into a fun trip by socializing with your ride sharing companions. The drivers are assigned Trusted Badges through the app after they are authenticated by checking their background, social media accounts and ID cards.

Easy Payment Options

You need not worry about price calculations as the App lets you calculate the price per seat according to the distance covered. It is very easy to make payments through the app with easy payment options like net banking, debit card, credit card or even cash payments are acceptable after the journey.

Benefits of Carpooling Application

Combat the traffic by letting people share your car
Share your journey with people going your way
Make your daily commuting economical by saving on fuel and other travelling costs as these will be shared with your co-travelers
The reduced number of cars on the road will help to reduce carbon emissions making your city more green
Decrease the need for your vehicle maintenance
Make friends and enjoy the journey
Communicate with riders and drivers in real time
The app will let you schedule your trips in advance.

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