For a shopper to be loyal to you, the quality of your eCommerce store lies over the vast catalog you provide with. Your enterprise application can attract more customers to your business. Forgetting the top eCommerce store, the e-commerce web development platform is the key aspect, which if not chosen wisely, can affect the future growth and success of your online store.

With a bundle of technology options available in the market like Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, and others, choosing the best eCommerce website development services technology for your online business is a big worry. While every platform has its pros and cons, Magento 2 is the best option available for your eCommerce business.

Magento was built as the most extendable framework ideal for eCommerce applications. The e-commerce web development platform has a high level of usability and customization when compared to other e-commerce platforms. According to Magento, over 250,000 merchants across the world choose them as their preferred e-commerce platform. Magento also powers 28% of websites on the internet, among which 16% are among the top 1 million sites.

Magento is not just known for a good quality eCommerce platform. This platform is the favorite of an eCommerce website design and development company as it is well known for its frequent upgrading as per the users’ needs. Recently, the team has upgraded its platform to “Magento 2”, a superior enterprise application development platform than it’s predecessor. In addition to eliminating some minor issues from its previous version, Magento 2 offers power-packed features, making it the best platform for eCommerce website development services.

Features Of Magento 2

Agile & Open Source

Magento 2, being an open-source platform simplifies the eCommerce web development. It gives you access to a variety of templates to choose from, aided with proper extensions, modules, and widgets.


Magento 2 is equipped with Varnish caching, which improves the page loading speed by 50% when compared to its previous version. Thus, websites built with Magento 2 loads very fast.


Magento 2 comes up with unparalleled flexibility for eCommerce website design and development. Every aspect of an eCommerce store can be altered by its appearance or functionality.


Magento 2 has proved to have 150% more Pageviews per hour than its predecessor, as per the tests on over 12 server configurations. Magento 2 can handle over 2.1 million page views per hour and has 117% more orders processing per hour than the previous version.

Rapid Development

Magento 2 haves over 5000 add-on extensions which fasten the development process. The tool is very user-friendly and can help an eCommerce website design and development company to enhance its online store.


Magento 2 gives you advanced functionalities like tracking your shopper’s behavior, their preferences & previous purchases. This helps you in studying them well and offering them highly personalized shopping experiences.

Global Audience

Magento 2 helps in serving your audience of various parts of the globe by providing functionalities like multi-lingual & multi-currency support.

SEO Friendly

To make your eCommerce platform visible to your set of audience, SEO plays a vital role. Magento 2 comes with the in-built features that can optimize your search engine easily and help you rank your website better.


Magento 2 provides cross-platform compatibility and cross-browser compatibility for your eCommerce website, making it the master of the market.


Be it the fashion industry, or restaurants or even pharmacies, Magento 2 helps you to customize your eCommerce store according to your business needs.

Smooth Checkout

With Magento 2, the checkout process is 38% faster than the predecessor. Magento 2 has cut down the shopping cart abandonment rate and facilitated the increase in the conversion rate.


With secure access to multiple levels of user permissions, boosted with an advanced level of security while transactions, Magento 2 promises your eCommerce applications with great safety measures.


With the capacity for improving the performance of the eCommerce application significantly, Magento 2 makes provisions for enhancing your enterprise application development. The streamlined architecture of the eCommerce platform has been proving a major booster for eCommerce stores. Want to know more about Magento 2 and how it will boost your online store? Say hi for free consulting! We are a leading eCommerce website design and development company with great expertise on Magento 2.x.

What are the benefits of using Magento 2 For Your Ecommerce Store?

Magento provides the following benefits:

  • Improved Performance and Scalability
  • Customer Persuasion
  • A Very Powerful Platform
  • \Mobile-Friendly
  • Advanced SEO Features
  • A Huge Community
  • Customizable Security Features
  • Marketplace Integration

How much does Magento 2 cost?

A Magento 2 Enterprise Solutions Edition license cost starts at $22,000.00 annually for merchants who generate less than $1 million a year.

Which is better? WooCommerce or Magento?

If you are looking for an easy, cost-effective, and scalable eCommerce platform, then WooCommerce is ideal. Magento is more suitable for enterprise-level businesses with own development teams.

How many steps are there in Magento 2 installation?

Magento 2 can be installed in these easy steps:

  1. Readiness Check. 
  2. Add a Database
  3. Web Configuration
  4. Customize Your Store
  5. Create Admin Account
  6. Install

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Why is Magento Best Option For Your E-commerce Store?

Magento provides ease of use and is ideal for eCommerce stores of any size. Customers find it easy to navigate through the page.