The world of technology is an ever-advancing one, with innovations that reshape the world occurring constantly. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been at the forefront of this innovative progress. Movies like Ex Machina, iron Man, iRobot or the classic Terminator have portrayed the future where AI technology becomes a part and parcel of our life. Another technology that has earned the hype is Intelligent Augmentation, which has hugely influenced our lives. But what future does AI, Intelligent Augmentation or other technologies hold?

What is Augmented Intelligence?

Augmented Intelligence, or IA, has a similar concept like AI. IA focuses on assistive roles and means to enhance human intelligence rather than replace it.

Augmented Intelligence is usually referred to as intelligence amplification, assistive intelligence, machine augmented intelligence, or cognitive augmentation. IA focuses on the effective use of technology to assist the human intelligence. The systems work to improve and assist humans in making better decisions.

The advent of IA was as a result of fears and concerns posted by AI. As AI has evolved and become more robust, fueled by various sci-fi movies, the feat of machines taking over humans is constant.

IA offers a safer way to develop tools and technologies to assist human consciousness rather than building their own artificial intelligence. IA suits a variety of purposes such as image processing tools, natural language tools and developing knowledge base, among a multitude of others.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI), can be referred to as intelligence demonstrated by machines in comparison with the intelligence shown in humans. AI focuses on making the machines intelligent and to react and work like humans, but with better performance. AI is designed for a variety of key areas such as:

  • Learning
  • Speech Recognition
  • Planning
  • Problem-Solving
  • Reasoning
  • Knowledge

As machines are becoming capable of performing various tasks, the requirement of human intelligence is diminishing.

Created in 1956 as an academic discipline, AI has been divided into various subfields, with each divided into technical consideration, use of certain tools, and social factor consideration.

Augmented Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence are parts of the same coin, leaving confusion on how they are distinctively apart.

AI is commonly referred to as the broader concept of machines being able to perform tasks smarter and more intelligent than human capabilities.

Augmented Intelligence is related to as an application of AI, based on the idea that the machines are provided with access to data to learn by themselves.

Artificial intelligence mimics cognitive functions such as learning and problem-solving and can perform various admin tasks, onboarding, booking meeting rooms, even event organizing. AI can analyze big data to enhance and accelerate business decisions, focusing on designing automated systems that can replace human cognitive function.

Augmented Intelligence uses technology to support and complement human intelligence. The main aim of IA is to make the job of humans easier with technology.

IA uses machine learning technologies similar to AI, but with the goal of assisting humans. Instead of depending solely on machines for business procedures, IA works in combination with the brain to empower each other and make the workplace more efficient and productive.


Though the concept of machines taking over in the world as seen in sci-fi movies is underrated, the future is augmented. The machines will use augmented intelligence techniques to support the human brain capacities and increase the efficiency and productivity of our works. Want to know how to implement AI or IA in the digital transformation of your business? Say Hi for a free consultation. We are a digital transformation consulting and custom software development company. Together, let’s create an augmented future.

What does augmented intelligence mean?

Augmented intelligence is a conceptualization of AI that focuses on its assistive role, emphasizing the fact that the technology is to boost the human brain capacity, not replace it.

What technology can be used to augment human intelligence?

Technologies like IoT, Big Data and AI can help in augmenting human intelligence.

How is augmented intelligence different from AI?

Artificial intelligence is designed to mirror human intelligence while augmented intelligence aids it to work faster and smarter. Augmented intelligence tools are created to help rather than replace humans.

What is augmented data management?

Augmented data management uses ML and AI to drive data management tasks like data cleansing, profiling, and linking.

Why Businesses Need Augmented intelligence?

Augmented Intelligence can eliminate time-consuming tasks,  freeing up business to focus on higher analysis. Decision making is now easier with Augmented Intelligence.