Have you ever thought of the fact that there might be an end to the boring and complicated work you do? Well, don’t keep your hopes high as it will be in the near future, but not that far. Changes are happening all over the world and even in the marketing and digital world. And the interesting fact is that these shifts are towards the power of Machine Learning (ML) and advanced programming languages.

The impact is so huge that most technological gurus feel that the future of marketing will include marketers working and collaborating with interactive applications like Python and machine learning related automation entities.

Machine Learning techniques and easy to use applications like Python will help in solving hordes of problems and most importantly businesses gain to benefit a great deal as we are moving forward to a world of hyper-converged channels, data context, and content.

Now for the modern marketing team especially who employ the services of web and mobile app development company, machine learning is simply about searching the pieces of predictive knowledge in unstructured and structured data, thereby using them to your advantage.

So What’s Great About Machine Learning Technology?

Well, it isn’t great, but best. Machine learning has made its mark in the field of healthcare and even in detecting fraud. Both emerging and new machine learning technologies are going to create waves not only in the realms of marketing but even in technology. Some of the major innovations are –

  • SparkThis is an awesome machine learning platform that is honing in the world of recruitment. Well, this recommends the suitable and apt candidates for vacant positions by using a sophisticated algorithm.Through the addition of various characteristics, requirements, and preferences, an application embedded in Spark interacts with other software and it will the return apt candidates to the firm by the order of suitability.
  • IBM WatsonLike a supercomputer that combines superior analytical software with AI, IBM Watson is nothing but a fully-optimized question answering system. It processes at a rate of eighty teraflops.
  • KafkaThis is a machine learning solution that allows businesses and brands to create real-time data streaming app or pipelines for carrying out important functions or easily interpret data from various sources. Currently, this machine learning solution is used by LinkedIn and it assists in handling about 1.4 trillion messages each day, along with increasing its efficiency and assist in making some of the critical decisions based on insightful data.

Machine Learning – Not Only For Digital Firms

As per a recent study, it clearly states that chatbots will be powering 80% of the customer service interactions around 2020. The prevalence of machine learning is becoming huge in the world of business and technology, with the likes of Amazon Prime and Netflix among them; there are huge multinational corporates who are investing big in Machine Learning technology, simply to increase their customer interactions and engagements.

Using Machine Learning For Content Analysis & Management

Do you know there is an easy way of encouraging brand loyalty of your web and mobile app development company? The same goes for forging a long-lasting consumer relationship and drive engagement. All these are possible by sparking meaningful conversations with the targeted customer base.

Since businesses and brands are aspiring to engage in dialogues with potential customers, no doubt, machine learning will be significant in analyzing all kinds of phrases, particular words, phrases, idioms, content formats, and sentences.

Impact Python Has

You might be a small startup whose planning for product development or the best mobile app development company that needs the right tool to be on track, choosing the correct programming language might be a tedious task. Most importantly, you are on a shoestring budget and you have to think about other factors like user-friendliness, application security, developer cost, and more.

In such a scenario, you must go for easy to use an established platform like Python from a reputed and best mobile app development company. Here, not only you are getting free from the unwanted constraints but it provides a whole lot of benefits to your business. In addition, Python development will provide the freedom for future upgradations as it interacts easily with other programming languages.

Is Python A Good Platform?

Unlike other programming languages, Python is a high-level OOPs based, general purpose, interpreted, and dynamic programming language that doesn’t repeat itself. Also, it focuses on rapid application development.

The design philosophy of Python emphasizes the readability of the code. And its syntax simply allows programmers to express concepts in a few coding lines which are possible in programming languages like C.

Benefits In Integrating Python Into Your Business

Do you know Python is quite beneficial especially if you are a small business? The innumerable benefits can make your work more productive and engage customers in a more interactive manner. Some of the benefits are –

  • User-Friendly PlatformPython contains built-in dictionary data structures and these help in creating quicker runtime data structures, especially in Python development. In addition, it even provides the high-level dynamic data typing opportunity which will decrease the support code’s length as and when required.
  • Highly Productive And Interactive Python DevelopmentUnlike other software development tools, python development provides enhanced process control capabilities, object-oriented design, unit testing framework and robust integration along with capabilities of text processing. Now all these contribute to increase speed as well as productivity. No doubt, Python development is seriously one of the good options if you think of developing complex multi-protocol network application.
  • Python ShopDo you know Python is one of Google’s foremost and first choice as a platform? As most of Google’s offering and tools are developed using Python, no doubt, it is the safest option for the integration capabilities of Google Apps and Google’s cloud services.
  • Available FreelySince Python is a free tool, it will remain so in the future too. By free of cost, it basically means its libraries, expansion set of supporting tools, and modules are free. Also, many of the integrated development environments (IDE) like Spyder Python, PTVS, and Pydev with Eclipse are free to download.

So Is The Future Safe With Python And Machine Learning

We are in the era (or at least entering an era) where there is extensive harmony among machines and people to campaign, connect, and market their services and products in a more efficient, personal and informed method than previously.

By embracing the potential ML has and even the necessity of a platform like Python, you can get into the right mindset of taking your business to new heights. Plus, it will help your customers to have a fair understanding of how to make their jobs and lives more effective.