As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues its fury, the number of cases and deaths are continuing to rise. The extreme situation is stressing out the importance of social distancing and staying at home more than ever. People prefer to stay in their homes to get essential services and needs done. From online classes to do their grocery shopping, every service was feasible online. The influence of mobile apps, particularly on-demand apps like grocery and food delivery, became greater during the ongoing pandemic. Let’s have a look at how.

Educational Apps

The unexpected pandemic has caused schools, colleges and other educational institutions to shut down, mostly due to the lockdown imposed by various governments. But this did not hinder them from providing educational services. Instead of students going to schools, the schools were present on their smartphones.

Educational institutions opted for online classes. They availed custom mobile application development to provide them with the necessary solutions. Apps like SkoolBeep helped educational institutions manage their key operations like conducting online classes, managing the time tables, fee collection, sending notifications to the parents and more.

Grocery Apps

The pandemic had struck grocery and restaurant owners hard. People refused to step out of their house to do the purchase or to dine out. Grocery store owners and restaurants are getting easy. They are now opting for a custom mobile application to take the service online. A customer can make their grocery purchases or order for food online. The store or restaurant owner, on receiving the order will process the order and ship the product via delivery agents. Thus, shopping is made easy. Thus mobile apps have been a blessing in disguise for grocery stores, restaurants and entrepreneurs alike.


As physical shopping became a hard task during the pandemic outbreak, eCommerce business began to bloom. Retail stores began to switch to eCommerce, which helped them find audience faster and expand their base. Smaller businesses and independent craftsmen do not need a physical store to run a business, As for the customers, shopping is made easy. All they have to do is install the desired eCommerce app, browse through the catalogue, select the product, pay and purchase. The item will be delivered at their footsteps.


Apps have made our lives easier, especially during the ongoing pandemic Be it for education, eCommerce, finance, grocery, entertainment or anything else, apps come in handy. Want to know how apps can boost your business? Say hi for free consulting.

What are on-demand apps?

The on-demand apps take a service, such as meal delivery, hairstyling and makeup application, or handyman repairs, and connect it to the suppliers using technology.

How can physical distancing help during COVID-19 pandemic?

The COVID-19 spreads primarily through physical contact. By maintaining a social distance, we can break the chain of the spread of the virus.

How are on-demand apps rising during the coronavirus outbreak?

During the coronavirus outbreak, people are shying away from stepping from home. This has given rise to the demand for on-demand apps.

How much does it cost to make an e-commerce website?

It is hard to estimate the cost of eCommerce website development. We are happy to understand your requirements and give you a detailed quote.

How long does it take to build an eCommerce app?

The time to build an app varies on the features and type of app. We are happy to understand your requirements and then give a detailed quote.