Working at home is a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Moreover, working from home can be a delight in the right circumstances. Without having to worry about your commute or free from all the blaring horns, you can feel more relaxed at home. You can work with your laptop while lying on your bed or lounging on your sofa.

Prolonged exposure to these postures can lead to body aches and other physical ailments. These positions can leave your eyes tired, a sore neck and aches on your lower back. Sofa or the bed can be tempting to work for, but is not a practical suggestion for a prolonged period. Your classy office chairs are designed to be the best to support your muscles and your body posture. Here are a few ways to maintain your body posture and physical health.

Change your posture Often

It’s crucial to change your posture throughout the day as lounging on your couch or lying on your bed the whole time can lead you to physical ailments like back, neck and shoulder pain. You might start your day at the bed, may shift to the kitchen, the couch and eventually at a table. It’s recommended to change your posture hourly.

Use A Pillow

Placing a thin pillow underneath your seat can make a huge difference, giving your ordinary chair an element of comfort. You can also use a pillow over the back of your neck to prevent a sore neck. If a pillow is not available, a fluffy towel should do the job.

Lumbar Support

If you are struggling with lower back pain, use lumbar support pillows that rest on the back of your pelvis. The lumbar support pillows provide comfort while seated. You don’t need a pillow. Use a rolled-up soft towel to place it between your chair and your back.

Put Your Feet Up

Stretching your feel or supporting your feet on an elevated surface increases your blood circulation. Ideally, the hips and thighs should form 90-degree while seated on a chair, but it’s recommended to move your legs forth and backwards occasionally as an exercise. If your chair has reclines, then it’s the best. Else, try to find an elevated platform.

Take Breaks

When in office, it’s natural for us to take breaks and walk around, relaxing ourselves a bit. But at home, we tend to stay focused and forget to take breaks, which should be discouraged. Get up, walk around and do some quick stretches.

Do Quick Exercises

Take frequent breaks and walk around. Take a few stretches. Show your power. Take a few push-ups or do cardio exercises. Exercises reduce the pressure on your body and combat your stress, benefiting your mental and physical health.

Working at home can be fun and relaxing until you neglect your body postures. Working with body aches and sores can harm your focus and concentration. Make sure that you are maintaining your posture in the right way. Happy working!