We live in a corporate world so it is not surprising to see that more and more consumers are getting inclined to use chatbots. Of course, one might have to consider the human interaction that humans provide in chat service, but this conventional service from the human side got some limitations. This isn’t an issue with chatbots because of the wide range of services it provides and most importantly, the 24/7 availability.

Chatbot Intelligence

Recently you have been to a website and come across the chatbot, so you know very well what it is. They have been taking the Internet by storm and the sales and marketing department can’t stop talking about them and even can’t get enough of them too.

Chatbots are way different from humans. They work to stimulate a realistic kind of conversation with people who come to the website, with the major aim of assisting them to get what they want, in a quicker and more accurate manner.

Evolution of Chatbot

It would be wrong or ignorant to say that chatbot is evolving and their evolution will become complete in 2019. Chatbot evolved in 2018 and are more intelligent as well as human than ever. There is no denying to this fact. The successful adoption of chatbots by end users has led to the use of more and more bots in advanced artificial intelligence technologies and their usage by a custom software development company. Even there are reports that 80-85% of businesses will be deploying advanced chatbots by 2020.

Since most people don’t mind talking to a robot rather than an actual human (where studies have shown that 70% people would opt for messaging a bot to communicate with a company), it isn’t surprising that the future of these platform looks great and even for a custom software development company.

Chatbot Predictions

As per the predictions of tech gurus, the implementation of AI chatbots will witness an increase, especially in the consumer-based services. The development trends in 2019 show that chatbots will be matching human behavior and providing the same services. Even the customer services present in most of the industries and firms will be carried out by chatbots in a better and efficient manner.

Probable trends of Chatbot

  • Transforming consumer techA field that provides a wide scope for development of chatbots is the consumer tech. Most people are well aware and familiar with the working of the chatbots, especially in the field of business and software development done by a custom software development company. Google Duplex is one such platform which started the progress of chatbots in consumer tech, thereby creating a solid foundation for the latest strategies.
  • Giving human-like experienceIf you are talking about personalized customer experience and offering services which are similar to the ones provided by humans, then chatbots aren’t far behind. The advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning in today’s era has made chatbot services more similar to human-like and even impeccable.
  • AI Chatbot appsSpeaking of desktop and mobile apps, the ones whose interface is powered by AI and processed by chatbots, they have the capability of providing flawless delivery and quick access of the required data, at the beck and call of users.
  • Developing NLO tech for automated callsDo you know a serverless technology called as NLO is coming to existence? It simply serves as a boon for automated call centers. This technology is so advanced that the best feature is the absences of downtime. Serving a wide range of customer base all around the day and that too without any hassles is what this NLO is designed for and it can help in solving problems 24/7.
  • Suited virtual assistantsIn today’s era, many smartphone users are simply downloading these types of apps for getting virtual assistance. It is easier to use applications now and the automation of any kind related to customer service is simply possible. This is due to the ability of chatbots to combine many applications into a single task that can accelerate the development and growth of a business.
  • Faster problem solvingIf you really want faster clarifications for your various queries, it is easy. You can achieve that by using handheld devices like tablets, smartphones, and wearables such as smartwatches. In addition, smart TVs are becoming one of the major integrations for voice assistants like SIR, Alexa, and Google Assistant, along with other wearable and handheld devices. The best part is that users, nowadays won’t have to wait in line or stay on hold while using phone calls because of the integration of chatbots and virtual assistants.
  • Latest transformation through AI ChatbotsAs per the predictions, that seems to appear in the coming five years, there is a high possibility that about 80% of the communications will be done through robots. Robotic messengers will be in charge of facilitating business to consumer interaction, which will be in a flawless manner. Now this gives the explanation on why outlets stores, online retailers promote the installation of text-related chatbots and voice-assisted bots for verifying orders and making the delivery and purchase of orders.
  • Better insights & consumer analyticsFor providing in-depth customer insight, one needs a system which performs the correct analysis of a huge amount of data and that too without any scope of errors. AI technology is getting incorporated for providing correct customer data, collection and automatize data analysis.
  • NLP for chats (Interactive ones)Natural Language Programming (NLP) helps in giving an enhanced human experience, thereby making the chatbots more interactive. No doubts, chatbots are a great help for e-commerce stores where most of the customer issues can be filtered and move them to various consumers for clarifying their doubts.
  • Amazon Alexa & Google AssistantAs there is an increase in the popularity of virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, speech chatbots have become a helpful element in enhancing the user experience of various consumers. No doubt, speech recognition technology developed by a simple and custom software development company is really improving and will go on to get enhanced in the coming years. Since the user behavior changes, technology will become predictable and get modified so that there is more customized and personalized user experience.

So what’s in store for chatbots In 2019

Searching for the marketing trends related to the future is easy if you have all the correct data and when it is in front of you. But these trends are a bit obvious and widespread compared to the complex numbers of the demand and supply fluctuations.

With chatbots, we know where things are heading to the future. The job for businesses and brands after a certain point is to take the next leap and move forward. For AI and chatbot, the future is coming one way or another, and that can’t be avoided.