Web sites having old and out-fashioned designs fail to come up in the search lists and have very low rankings. Many business owners don’t realize the chances of boosting their products in the market by using a good quality website. Most often, such entrepreneurs will be having websites to introduce as well as to promote their products. But they probably have irrelevant site-design and out-dated contents. The potential of using proper online marketing starts with maintaining a professional website that stands out in the crowd.

How to improve the look of your old website? How to give it a professional touch? People always crave for ideas how they could convert the old-fashioned website into a trendy and attractive one. The time spent to build an outstanding website is worth beneficiary if you analyze the website traffic later. Even if you publish quality contents on your site, if it’s not impressive, you could not catch up. Thus being  ” attractive ” and user friendliness is essential to make your website look better.
Some tips for making your website look attractive is given here.


Responsive text and images definitely add on the usability of your site. When it comes to mobile versions, touch sensitivity should be of very good quality and touch response time has to be low. The back-end technical team struggle hard to have better responsiveness in their website these days. Thus, you need to have a better responsive site to stand high.

White space is the space between the elements on your site. You should fix a simple yet attractive pattern of alignment of how all your data and graphics elements are displayed on the screen. You should manage the white space with all other elements in an optimized manner to provide a pleasing visual experience.

Do you still stick on to the conventional fonts and templates? It’s time to have a new appearance. Try the brand new and exciting range of font styles that are available at Google Web fonts. Font size and style must be in such a way that they should be readable and strikes out of the background color.


Using better color schemes works well. A wide range of textures having professional background theme goes well for a business enterprise. Don’t use complex color combinations. Instead use templates with simple, light colors with a classic touch. The color schemes must be selected in such a way that they should be better matched with the website theme.

Your website must be compatible with all the web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome, ofSafari, Internet Explorer etc. This ensures easy to access data in all platforms. This is important because you cannot predict which browsers are preferred by the users.
Have some quality content which is compelling to read on. This includes topics like trending technologies, tech gadgets, latest news from digital world etc… Build good content which forces the users to continue to read. Once you impress them with high quality content, traffic for your site tends to increase.
Most of the business websites have their own social media profiles today. So here’s an add-on you could include in your website. You can add pin badge for all yoursocial media pages here. This will helps you gain morefollowers in them as well.
social media sharing
A good website should accept feedback about their website from the users. By providing user&rsquos comments columns in your blogs and other online publications you could get effective responses from your visitors. It will also make the website look user-friendly.
Breadcrumbs are graphical control elementmainly used in websitesas a navigation tool for better user interface. It helps the users to keep track of their locations within the web pages of a particular website. If any newbie enters your site and navigates through your titles, there&rsquos a chance of getting lost at midway. Then if you don’t provide links to go back to the previous page, the new user may feel annoyed and leave your page forever. Thus, it is essential to include breadcrumbs at the top of the page itself. This promotes user experience.
Good artwork and graphic elements adds beauty to your site. People tend to select websites with graphics-rich elements which are well presented. But the design elements should not become too complicated and congested. It should be diligent, pleasing and visually appealing. This will make your website look better.
We discussed some ideas by which you could improve the appearance of your old website into a contemporary one. Try these and you could feel the difference. A content-rich, frequently updated website is the best tool for your online promotion activities.
If you have any other idea regarding how to change the old look of the website that worked for you, please do share it here. We love to hear from you.
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