The educational sector has embraced the advent of technologies with open hands, as it has enhanced the learning process. The rising popularity of mobile devices provided the right opportunity for educational mobile app development.

Educational institutions aim at building apps that will efficiently manage and boost the learning process, as per the changing norms in the educational sector. Software developers look forward to providing customized solutions for educational institutions to enhance their workforce performance and student-faculty satisfaction.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest technology, which can revolutionize the current education system. Various educational institutions are deploying connected smart devices to support their infrastructure and learning process.

How IoT Is Helping The Educational Industry

Education is the most vital aspect that leads to a progressive society. Therefore, integrating trendy technologies like IoT applications in education makes the learning process smoother and fun.

Connecting People Worldwide

With the COVID-19 pandemic breaking, our educational institutions around the globe have been shut down. Schools and colleges have opted for online learning. Students can now be in their comfort zone and interact with educators and classmates. Smartboards and digital highlighters help in transferring the printed texts to digital media like a phone or any other device. These interactive boards can receive, acknowledge, and respond to the information, helping to make the learning process accessible, fun, and interactive to everyone.

Textbook Enhancement

Previously, we used to rummage through library stacks in search of references and support materials for our study purposes. With the advancement in technology, searching for the right reference material is an easy outing. Various textbooks come with a QR code, scanning which would let them get a digital copy of the book on their devices. They can easily download it or save the book to the cloud and access it anytime, anywhere. You can easily find the portion you require, rather than going through the pages.

Helping The Disabled

Education is for everyone. Sometimes, the disabled struggle in the learning process, especially due to a lack of specialized methods like sign language, which a common person may not know. With the help of IoT technology, one can translate the sign language into text and speech. This method can ensure that hearing-impaired people are getting access to the study materials they desire and communicating efficiently. The IoT devices can detect sign languages and translate them into text or symbols, and the vice-versa.

Increasing The Efficiency

IoT helps in streamlining the daily activities of an educational institution. This helps them to focus more on actual teaching activities. These IoT devices can automatically detect the student presence in the school, eliminating the need for taking attendance. The devices also allow school officials to send an electronic message to the parents. An institution can use these IoT devices to unlock doors only for verified entries and send alerts to the management when there is an intruder.


Monitoring the whereabouts of everyone in an institution is a herculean task. Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chips, along with GPS technology, can be used to read and capture data that is stored as a tag attached to an object, like the ID card. This can help schools as well as parents to monitor the activities of a student at any given point of time.

A GPS enabled bus system can help institutions in monitoring the route of the journey taken by the school bus, thus adding the security factor.


With technology rapidly changing every industry, the educational sector is evolving too. IoT is thus revolutionizing the educational industry to a smart one. Want to know how your institution can be benefited with the help of IoT application development? Contact us for free consulting.

How technology has made an impact on our education?

With technology, education has become more interactive and fun, grabbing the attention of the students and helping them grasp the concepts better.

How is IoT used in business?

IoT helps in data collection. With various sensors, IoT is able to collect various types of data. With artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, this data can be processed and analyzed, helping in decision making.

What are some of the applications of IoT?

The most important applications of IoT are:

  • Wearables
  • Health
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Fleet management
  • Agriculture
  • Hospitality
  • Smart grid and energy saving
  • Water supply

How can IoT be used in education?

IoT can be used in education to:

  • Connect people
  • Enhance textbooks
  • Help the disabled
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase the security

What are some examples of how IoT is being used in education?

A few examples of IoT being used in education are:

  • Promethean
  • SweetRush
  • Blackboard
  • LocoRobo
  • Kaltura
  • Tynker
  • Magicard
  • Kajeet