Why is branding important for a company? Strong branding spreads a unified message to your customers. You tell a story to your customers which they can relate to, building a personalized relationship with them. 

A company operating online invests on everything from web hosting to pay-per-click ads, but it must give ample consideration for branding strategies.

The Importance Of Branding

The online and offline branding of a company should be consistent with each other, with a few considerations for each. 

Online branding may have several technical limitations as web pages are always viewed on a two-dimensional aspect on a relatively small display. Meanwhile, offline branding can be found in a variety of media like TV ads, radio jingles, and logos on swags.

Often, one has lesser control on online branding than with your offline branding. But what can you do to strengthen your online branding?

Branding Guides

Majority of the web design and development services have branding guidelines that the marketing department crafts, outlining how their brand represents them online.

The guide should detail the various forms of the company logo, how to use it on various backgrounds, and what fonts suit it.

For web branding, the size of a logo and the colour of fonts is important as it can impact the user interface of the page. As each web page is different, the colour and size should be approximate, with enough flexibility provided. Thus, a branding guide should have a set of logos in various sizes, Hex defined colours (#000000 is black), and preferred font names and sizes.

Once the marketing team decides and creates the guidelines, it is then passed on to a designer who would take care of using the specifications in every further design.

Let’s have a look at a few web branding tricks followed by top web design companies.

Web Branding Tricks

Size Of The Logo

Using a consistent logo size is an important factor in branding as a single logo size used across the website gives it a consistent look. As we are using a lesser bandwidth, the web hosting charges are reduced.


Your website may contain information and logos of other brands when you are partnering with them. Here, your logo should be larger than theirs. This would give a vision of the importance of your brand to your audience.

Limiting Files

Keep the number of image files used in the site low. This helps if the site is rebranded or any changes made Lower images or files means lesser data is used for the website. The site loading speed is increased and the hosting charges are lowered with lesser data.

Be Consistent

Consistent branding is not restricted to logos and colours. Every element on your site should have uniformity. The same font style and the placement and visuals of buttons should remain the same. This practice must be extended to other online marketing strategies such as email newsletters, social media marketing, and advertisements.

Visual Scanning

When visiting a web page for the first time, our eyes scan from top-left to the right, before moving downwards. Therefore, it is advised to consider placing your on the logo top-left corner and then placing on-brand elements in the spots that gather attention. The brand message should be neatly understood by the users.


Branding your website is a vital part of your business as it can leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Make sure that you follow the above-mentioned steps in branding the site. Want to know more about how a web site could help your business grow? Contact us for a free digital transformation consulting.

How much does it cost to have a website?

It is hard to estimate the cost of a website as each project is customized to suit your needs. The cost of the website varies depending on the design, the features, the technology used and various other factors.

What is meant by branding a website?

Branding the website is a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, logo and website design for the company. This helps to identify the company from other competitors.

What are the quick ways to improve your website branding?

There are various ways to brand your website. Quick ways to brand your website are:

  • Size Of Logo
  • Cross-Branding
  • Limiting Files
  • Consistency
  • Visual Scanning

How brand strategy improves the website design process?

A brand strategy helps you in understanding your customers’ interest and ensuring that your website is designed in a way that it attracts customers.

What is the importance of website branding?

Website branding is important because it helps you to earn the attention of the customers, get them hooked to your website, hence earning your brand more reputation and possible conversion of leads.