Chatbots are a computer designed program that allows conversation with human beings over the internet, either text-based or voice-based. There are two types of Chatbots, one using Artificial Intelligence and the other based on multiple choice scripts. Chatbots are gaining immense popularity in recent times as they are increasingly visible in Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram on your website or SMS based allowing you to reach a larger audience and providing users with a personalized experience.
Chatbots support businesses by connecting them with potentials customers due to which business organizations are adopting this new technology. Some benefits Chatbots provide for businesses to increase revenue are stated below.

Available Round the Clock 24/7

It is often quite frustrating to get in touch with your business partner after working hours or to spend several minutes listening to music when you want to speak to a customer care agent. Bots are successfully replacing live chats, phone calls and emails.
For many industries like mobile marketing losing time means losing potential revenue. So having a chatbot at your beck & call 24/7 you are provided with an immediate response that can be both lucrative and convenient at the same time.

Fast Growing Messaging Apps & Potential for Greater Consumer Engagement

Chatbots although a cross-platform software, have entered into a broader marketing conversation due to the fast-growing messaging apps. Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger has over a billion active users on a monthly basis while Kik another messaging platform has over 175 million monthly active users.
Messaging apps along with bots have a high potential for consumer engagement along with being very cheap and reasonable since they are automated and require minimal maintenance. Messaging platforms provide users, while the bot has the capability to access these users.

Smarter Chatbots Offering Greater Customer Satisfaction

Chatbots, when tied to AI, show their real potential, so businesses to grow will start adopting this technology to stay ahead of their competitors. Early adopters in order to respond to the queries of customers will reform their chatbots with machine learning and AI technology. With the ongoing Chatbot revolution, it will not be long before brands and businesses begin this battle of the bots.
Humans might react to customers according to their moods but chatbots are programmed in a way to obey rules and be polite and courteous to customers whatever the question might be. This offers a greater level of satisfaction to customers.

Chatbots can drive Sales

Chatbots work intelligently. They keep the preferences of consumers as regard purchases and send the products to them with the prospect of greater conversions. Discount coupons can be sent directly by the bots for in-store purchases. The users can be linked to the ECommerce site or app so that consumers can purchase directly from their phones very conveniently.

To conclude Chatbots are certainly beneficial for businesses. It will be easy for businesses to save money and also earn more revenue from these bots that work without a break. They are the quickest and cheapest way of providing users with a satisfying experience. Moreover, new technological advancements in the form of AI, Machine Learning, and NLP have made these chatbots far more intelligent where they can work without being told what to do.