Every business starts with an idea. Sometimes, a business just copies the idea from another leading business or just tweaks the old ideas with a few additions. Sometimes, they come up with novel ideas. While bringing a novel and revolutionary idea to the travel industry can be a herculean task, it can be a game-changer. Various companies have found success when they have just tweaked existing business ideas with a fresh outlook.

People are increasingly using mobile apps for their daily activities, with the travel sector being one of the biggest customers of the mobile application. From booking flights, accommodations, holiday planning, budget estimation to virtual tour guides, these mobile apps can cover various fields related to travel and tourism.

Let’s take a tour of some effective travel app ideas and how effective it can be for your business.

  1. Taxi Booking Application
  2. Social Media Platform For Travellers
  3. App For Foreign Language Help
  4. Currency Converters And Online Wallets

Taxi Booking Application

Cab service plays an important part when a person is travelling. Be it from the airport to the hotel, or to any tourist attractions, taxi services hold the key of commutation. If you are in a cab business, a taxi booking app is an ideal solution for your brand. A tourist can easily book a cab from their smartphones and travel hassle-free. A taxi app development company can add features like live location tracking, easy booking and hassle-free payment.

Social Media Platform For Travellers

Travellers love posting queries on popular travel forms and engaging in conversations regarding destinations and tourism. Here lies importance for the travel-based social media platform. The demand for these travel platforms is high, but just a few are available in the market. These apps can have the feature to post and view reviews regarding hotels, activities, flights or destinations. Integrated GPS feature, photo sharing and a comment/discussion section are other needed features.

App For Foreign Language Help

A foreign language guide is the best friend of a traveller. A typical language converter is capable of translating multiple languages and delivering services like the text to speech and speech to text.

Value-added features should be provided for the language app to become a click. For instance, besides covering various languages spoken in all popular cities and travel destinations, offline access to try and translate different expressions and words can be added. Features like the traveler asking questions in the native language and receiving the output in the language add value to the app, as they find it useful, especially while shopping.

Currency Converters And Online Wallets

Let’s think from the perspective of a tourist. You are on a trip to a foreign country and need to exchange some currencies to the local denomination. You should be aware of the exchange rates. Having an app where you could convert the currency to the local denomination would be ideal. A customer can get the awareness of the current exchange rates on their fingertips. Moreover, you can implement a reward points system for the transactions done, like flight bookings, hotel bookings, activities, etc. The reward points can be used to make purchases later on.


The ideas are not limited to these four. An idea can be inspired by anything, anywhere. The scope of business is high in the travel industry, especially when the world recovers from the global COVID-19 pandemic. Keep your mobile app ideas fresh, have a neat UI and UX, follow the best mobile application development practices and market your product well. Want to know more about developing an app for your travel business? Say hi for free consulting.

What is a travel app?

A travel app is a mobile or web app that is designed and developed specifically for tackling a travel & tourism problem.

How much does it cost to make a travel app?

Developing a travel app costs around $1,000 to $50,000. However, the cost can vary due to various factors.

How do I create a travel booking website?

You can create a travel booking website by using technologies like JavaScript, RubyOnRails, Python etc. You can contact a website development company for web development services.

What are the best app ideas for startups?

The best idea for a travel startup is:

What are the advantages of tourism apps to Travel industries?

The tourism apps help the tourist learn more about the places, hotels, activities and other interactions. With an app, the tourism sector can attract more customers and hence, generate more sales.