Influencers, entrepreneurs and freelancers love their profile to get listed on Google. Targeting them, the search engine giants launched “people cards” in India which helps one to create a profile on the platform. Google has been testing this new feature in India for a couple of years to bring a virtual visiting cards-like experience to Google Search. One can highlight their existing websites or social media profiles, showcasing their identity to the public. This new feature uses Google’s Knowledge Graph to retrieve and display the information provided by users. With your mobile number and a Google Account, you can create your people card on Google Search.

Initially, Google has launched this attractive feature for mobile users. This means you need to log in to your Google Account via your mobile device to create your public profile. As of now, this feature is present only in English, though other regional languages would be added shortly.

Google Search has now launched and limited the people card feature in India for the time being, with no expansion plans to share right now. Google mentioned that they are always looking for new ways to make search more useful for people. They found that there was some unique information needed to India that they could help serve first.

The prime purpose of this people cards feature is to let one have a public profile on Google Search which will be displayed on top of all results. This exciting feature was initially spotted as profile cards in February.

Google claims that with people cards, they will be able to successfully provide “helpful and reliable information” to the public. Thus, the users are given the option to flag abuse, impersonation, or even mention low-quality content, if they come across any such instances in the people cards. The search engine giant is also pushing for having a combination of a human review system and automated artificial intelligence techniques to find and flag policy-violating content. Furthermore, Google lets one have just one people card per account to curb the number of fake profiles.

Those who have created their people card on Google can choose to opt-out of the experience anytime. In the case of people sharing the same name, Google Search will show the results as multiple modules.

How Do You Create A People Card?

To create a people card, sign in to your Google Account via your smartphone. Now, search for your name or “add me to Search”. You’ll now receive a prompt saying, “Add yourself to Google Search”. Tapping that prompt, you will be redirected to a form, which you need to fill. You need to provide your location, a short bio of yourselves, your occupation and other details. You’ll also get options to add details about your work, education, hometown, social media profiles, website and others.

Is Your Data Safe?

Data privacy and security are sensational topics. Google assures various protection and control measures placed in order to maintain the quality and security of information on people cards. Some of the security measures are a single Google account for each people card, phone number authentication via an OTP for each account.