Top 10 Features of Magento E-commerce Web Development

    Top 10 Features of Magento E-commerce Web Development

    Magento is the most sought after E-commerce platform owned by retail water-ox eBay, providing free open source solutions for small, medium to large online retail stores. In fact big brands like Ford, Nike, Lenovo, Nestle and several others use Magento globally. Being an open source solution businesses can use or edit it according to their specific requirements. Magento offers various customization options like extensions and plugins which you are free to access from the third party developers or from the Magento community. Magento has the capability of maximizing user engagement and generating sales by increasing the conversion rates.

    Below we will discuss ten features of Magento due to which it dominates the E-commerce industry with a remarkable market share of over 24%.


    • Open Source
    • Managing Your Catalog
    • SEO Compatible
    • Handles Marketing & Advertising
    • Order Management
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Full Site Management
    • Payment & Shipping
    • Tracking, Analyzing & Reporting
    • Customer Service


    Open Source


    Magento is an open source platform with a large number of developers, bloggers, programmers, product managers and project managers round the globe. It is a free platform that is easy to install and use helping to promote your ecommerce website with the help of innovative features and functions. The magento community fulfills the requirements of end users with regular updates being a safe and speedy platform.


    Managing Your Catalog


    Whatever you are selling online, your catalog is an integral component. Magento provides substantial features for managing your catalog. It supports essential products along with editing or deleting product reviews as required. It fully manages your inventory allowing downloading of digital products like videos and music. Its customization option helps to resize or watermark products and automatically makes sets for products into different item types.


    SEO Compatible


    Magento is a SEO friendly platform with several in built features like generating Google Sitemaps, supporting SEO friendly URLs and Meta-tagging information and products. Magento manages page traffic, indexing, landing page, duplicate content and descriptions very effectively.


    Handles Marketing & Advertising


    Magento helps in promoting and marketing your products besides managing your online store. The tools used include promotional pricing for selected categories of products, monitoring usage of coupons by distributing coupon codes via email and newsletter and promoting new products by offering free shipping. It provides price variations too according to groups and quantity. Other tools provided are URL tools and landing page for PPC.


    Order Management


    Magento E-commerce provides an unparalleled system of order management. All orders are taken care of quite easily. It is the work of the admin panel to create, edit and fulfill orders, creates and print one or multiple invoices as required, print shipping labels and packing slips. Magento also works on email notifications and RSS feed for existing as well as new orders.


    Mobile Friendly


    In this modern world of technology Magento establishes an effective experience for those users who believe in shopping from their smart phones or mobile devices by connecting with HTML5. The image size can be adjusted to support the video. Now this can be done at any time and from just any place.


    Full Site Management


    Magento allows its users to control your store and multiple websites in one installation as it understands the usefulness of site management. The admin panel controls sites but shares only the information that is required. There are options of multiple languages and multiple currencies. The templates have a fully customized design. The tax rates are fixed based on the products type and location.


    Payment & Shipping


    One big concern for users selecting the right platform for online shopping is shipping and payments. Magento very effectively incorporates several alternatives for shipping and payment options for the users to choose from. Everything is clearly stated from estimates for shopping tax, shipping costs, integration with Paypal or any other payment option.


    Tracking, Analyzing & Reporting


    With Magento you get several options when it comes to tracking, analytics or reporting. From Google analytics to sales reports to total sales to refunded invoices are all meticulously done by Magento. Store owners are given detailed reports about new items being marketed, which products are in demand or what is out of stock. Reporting is one aspect that distinguishes Magento from other E-Commerce platforms making administering your website easy and simple.


    Customer Service


    Magento is an E-Commerce development platform that offers excellent tools for customer support as well as international support. It supports all currencies both local and international along with tax rates. The tools that inculcate trust in customers are the Contact Us form which can be filled in case of any issue, order tracking with email updates, shipping destination, payment option and EU cookie notification.

    In case you are planning to set up an online store you will certainly find Magento with a plethora of features. ‘Magento Go’ is best small businesses while ‘Magento Enterprise’ for medium or large businesses. We advise you to download the free Magento version and just sit back and view its working!


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