Since the release of the iPhone, there has been a massive surge in the userbase of mobile phones. Businesses began looking to a mobile-first model. On the contrary, a few reports suggest that the modern user is experiencing app fatigue, and they tend to use just three apps at most. The competition for web apps is easier.

A new business owner can find these choices to be overwhelming. Would a mobile version or the web version is ideal for the business? Or do we need both?

Various high profile businesses like Instagram, Uber and Zomato have heavily invested in their “mobile-first” experience, while others like Airbnb, JIRA and InVision are sticking with the web app version.

Let us talk about the cases where you should go for custom mobile app development which is ideal to run on smartphone, tablets, and wearables or a web app that runs on a browser.

Let us have a look into the reasoning behind choosing between these two options, and why it suits your product idea through a series of questions.

What Is Your Product Goal?

When you are launching a new business offering, you will have specific business goals in mind, apart from making profits.

To clarify your goals, you must validate your idea and research more about your target audience. This study relates to your specific product idea and how they consume information online.

Validate Your Idea With An MVP

Every new idea needs a target audience. Launch an MVP before developing the complete product. The MVP assumes that one must test the app with a “beta” version of the product before completing the entire version.

An MVP minimizes the risks of launching a product with bugs. Meanwhile, you can gather actual user feedback on how they interact with the product. This data helps you in determining whether the demand is sufficient at this point.

Understand Your Customer Behaviour

Understanding your audience is crucial in determining the platform. 

Analyze the data you gathered from the MVP during the early stages. Determine if people access your website from a desktop or mobile devices, the OS they use, and what pages they access more. This data is helpful in determining whether you should go for custom mobile app development, a website, or both.

Do You Need Access To The Native Features Of A Smartphone?

If your app benefits the users with the device location and leverage features like features as Camera, Gyroscope, or Sensors, go for a native mobile app. 

A native mobile app can leverage these features to give better and stable support. Also, web apps on the iPhone do not have permission to send geo-push notifications or in-app notifications to users. 

However, a major issue is creating two separate apps for iOS and Android. A solution is to create the app for the platform which is more popular among your target audience and then building the other one.


Some additional other factors help you in determining the platform for your start-up. They include determining the frequency of usage of the solution, assuming if the app delivers real-time data, offline usage of the app and the budget constraints. Need guidance in determining what platform to deliver your solution? Contact us for a free custom application development consulting.

Why your business needs a mobile app in 2021?

The Mobile app helps the customer to quickly avail the product or services with ease. Using mobile apps, businesses can reach a customer base at a low cost.

How mobile apps can help optimize your business prospects?

Mobile apps make customer service a simpler and more efficient process for businesses. It also helps you resolve customer questions, makes them aware of the discounts or offers you are providing, gives a platform to directly interact with the company.

What are the benefits of creating a mobile app for your startup business?

Creating a mobile app gives your business the following advantages:

  • Increased Recognition Builds Customer Loyalty
  • Website Creates Awareness And The App Makes The Sale
  • A Great Tool For Customer Engagement
  • Helps You Stand Out From The Crowd
  • Boosts Brand Recognition
  • Improved visibility

What are the top 3 cross-platform frameworks to consider for your mobile app?

The top three cross-platform frameworks for mobile app development are:

  • Xamarin
  • Flutter
  • React Native

Is it worth hiring a mobile and web development company for your startup business?

Yes, it is worth hiring a mobile and web development company for your startup business. A good app development company provides you with an efficient solution that eases your business process while cutting down the costs.