The terms ‘Internet of Everything’ and ‘Internet of Things’seem quite similar but actually, there is quite a difference between the two and often people take them as two different concepts. It was Kevin Ashton a British entrepreneur who came up with the concept of the Internet of Things in the year 1999 describing the connectivity between physical objects. On the other hand Internet of Everything first of all coined by Cisco connects processes, people, data and other things to make relevant and valuable networked connections in order to provide better experiences, create newer capabilities along with offering unrivaled economic opportunities for both individuals and businesses. Internet of Everything (IoE) extends the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) emphasizing on machine to machine (M2M) communication describing the complexities of processes as far as people and processes are concerned.

Difference between Internet of Everything & Internet of Things
The concept of the word “Thing” in both IoE and IoT refer to physical objects ie anything visibly present like a mobile phone, computer, smartwatch or a Nest. All such Internet-connected devices are connected with an internet connection like the temperature can be automatically changed on a Nest thermostat.
A good example to explain the two would be a railway line. The Internet of Things would think of a railway line with the tracks and other connections while the Internet of Everything will think of a railway line with everything else connected to it like the train, tickets, customers, staff, machines and weather conditions. IoE is being thought of as a superset of IoT. Internet of Everything works in such a way as to provide a total connectivity between processes, technologies, and concepts in all cases. IoE goes further to improve business and industry end results with the help of the Internet bringing about a considerable improvement in the lives of the people thus adding to the advancement of IoT.

Solving Internet of Everything and Internet of Things Problems
In many cases, both the terms Internet of Everything and Internet of Things can be used interchangeably but there is certainly a difference. There are a lot of challenges brought about by the IoE as compared to IoT. The IoT considers problems with different API to communicate with each other whereas the IoE solves challenges with one API considering all data between different devices. Different devices have data in different formats which means developers need more time to translate the data streams. The different data streams and competing standards can at times be harmful to the future with the internet being the greatest change in history. Problems can be solved by using different programming languages or using API in a particular way allowing developers to select services they require by customizing their endpoints through both IoE and IoT.

Impact of IoE, IoT on Businesses and Consumers
Both the concepts are subjectively confused due to their limitations regarding their meaning, uses, and adoption. Although there are no set standards or regulations from government authorities, both the concepts will develop and progress according to technological innovation, marketing tactics and constantly changing consumer trends. So instead of concluding on IoE or IoT, business evaluation can be done keeping the connectivity and specific situation in mind.