Mobile app development has now become the necessity of the day. Companies are investing in custom mobile application development as they find these apps as an effective way to interact with their customers and increase productivity.

However, developers often tend to forget the complexities of building a successful app. The excitement can get hold of a mobile app development company, resulting in making crucial mistakes that may lead to a disaster. They might ignore the errors and realize it when it’s too late.

A beginner or a learner might not find these errors a big deal. However, for a mobile app development company, these errors could tarnish their reputation as well as results in a loss of investment.

Here are a few mistakes that a mobile developer should be wary of:

More Features, Less Value

Mobile app developers tend to stuff various unwanted features in the app, which is unfortunately a trend. Feature loaded apps are becoming a highly effective marketing practice, which may result in the initial hike in the download figures. However, this practice can lead to the app being a failure.

In the long run, users find these features useless and keep them away from the app. The app developer must focus on customer feedback, which is usually opposite of what they expect. The unwanted features add no value to the customer’s expectations.

These features may cost a higher loading time. The higher the load time, the more probability of the customer ditching the app.

A mobile app development company should focus on adding features that give a value to the customer, not apps which are feature-loaded. The app should have just the necessary features which can make your app a stand-out. Sometimes, being minimal is the best.

Apps Not Meeting The User Expectations

A mobile app development company faces a herculean task of attracting more customers daily. However, the expectation of each customer is different from one another. The first interaction of an app with the visitor can create a strong impression and is the most vital stage which a custom mobile application development company should take care of.

Many users expect a welcome message followed by an instructions manual. Some users go on to explore the app on their own. Meeting the expectation of every user is impossible. But what can be a great strategy is a neatly designed home screen, which a user finds it easy to navigate.

Do not request the users to fill lengthy registration forms which contain irrelevant information. These registration forms must collect just relevant data, else it could bore the customers. 

Place a routine sign in / sign up page that asks for just name and email address. Integrating popular social media logins enables the customers to login via their social media handles.

Space Consuming Apps

It’s a fact that over 50% of the app users tend to uninstall the app if it consumes too much storage space. If you fail to manage the size of the app considerably, you could end up losing various app users.

App developers sometimes tend to make the following mistake, which leads to the size being bulky. They are:

  • Developing the app as an exact replica of the web version.
  • Making the app feature-loaded instead of feature-efficient.

You can optimize the app size with the following tactics:

  • Compress the images
  • Remove unnecessary codes


Mobile app developers should have a bigger picture while developing an app. They should take care to avoid these common mistakes. Want to know more about how to develop an app for your business with great efficiency? Contact us for free consulting.

How much does mobile app development cost?

It is hard to put an approximate for mobile app development. Each app is unique. The cost depends upon the features, the complexity, technologies used and other factors.

What skills are needed for mobile app developers?

Mobile developers need five essential skills. They are:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication 
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Programming Languages

How do I hire a mobile app developer?

A mobile app developer should be visionary, experienced and skilled. To hire an efficient mobile app developer, contact us.

What does an application developer do?

An application developer creates and tests applications designed for electronic computing devices.

What languages do different mobile apps use?

The top mobile app languages are:

  • JavaScript
  • Kotlin
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Swift
  • Objective-C