An update to the Google algorithm is done to find out how high a website is ranked for various search terms. Also, it is often modified to tackle those specific issues which Google feels is affecting the search results in a way it doesn’t like or want. Somewhat you might feel like a dictator controlling his subjects. It isn’t bad but it does bring a sense of trust and availability of correct information online.

For example, if Google finds out certain websites are ranked better compared to the ones which they feel are of superior quality, then it might examine and research on those websites to see the common factor. Based on that it will release an update to put more emphasis on the different variable. As per Google’s spokesperson, the basic aim of the ranking changes is to assist searchers in getting those websites which provide the best user experience and even fulfils their need for information. In a sense, it is great as this will allow those websites that are ranked lower to know what needs to be done, to reach the top search pages.

Google ‘s Artifical Intelligence Run Algorithm

Most people know that the updates of Google’s algorithm does remarkable things. Not only it brings about a uniform code of conduct in the kind of information available online but pressurizes the need to have a re-evaluation of the basic and common search engine optimization practices such as focusing on factors like heading elements and title tags.

It is important to keep in mind that Google is simply beyond the matching heading elements and title tags to search queries. If you really want to consider, then you need to consider how the author intent of the page is related to the intent of the searcher in making the particular query. Here it means that shopping or e-commerce websites need to have words like buy, shop, compare, etc while informational sites won’t have such purchase or sales terms. Frankly, these are the author intent’s signals, which is not discussed a lot.

Google Update – Florida 2

On March 12th 2019, Google made a huge announcement. It was regarding the latest Google algorithm update known as Florida 2. An interesting fact to note is that right after it was announced, many website owners noticed significant shifts in their keyword ranking and there were some who saw the impact a week before the update was announced. Now with regard to Google’s algorithm update which varies in terms of how often they get broad notice, the Florida 2 update is one that marketers really need to have close attention.

Impact Florida 2 Algorithm Has?

Each year, Google brings in various broad ranking updates in its algorithm and these result in creating a widespread impact. In this case, Google indeed confirmed the Florida 2 and there are various digital marketing and SEO experts who are calling it as one of the biggest updates Google has made in years.

Seriously, this isn’t to signify the importance of this Florida 2 update but unlike last August’s Medic update, the Florida 2 update is not targeting the vertical or specific niche, thereby meaning that the whole search community would need to pay extensive attention to have a good understanding about the changes Google is going to make with regard to this search algorithm.

It is still quite early for most SEO experts to pinpoint on what exactly has been impacted by Florida 2, still, it is better if most businesses and website owners keep a close watch on where things are going to fall out over the next couple of days (sometimes even weeks).

The following are the changes seen so far –

  • Indiscriminate changes in website ranking and traffic, especially where certain websites have reported zero traffic after the occurrence of the update.
  • There is evidence showing the increase in traffic for website owners who provide importance to quality content and page speed.
  • A worldwide impact which won’t be niche specific or specific to the region or its update.
  • The great number of adjustments in the way Google is interpreting given search queries.
  • Quality of backlink which plays a major factor.
  • Changes in the ranking of short term keywords

Why Name The Update As Florida 2?

The original Florida update happened in November 2003 and it was named Florida because a PubCon conference was going on in Florida. Google executive Bret named it Florida update keeping that in mind. Now this update happened on March 12th and that too after a week when the PubCon conference occurred in Florida. So, as a nod to the original Florida update, Bret named this update as Florida 2, which even highlighted PubCon.

Why Name The Update As Florida 2?

With regard to any Google algorithm update, websites will have a decline or increase in their rankings. Keep in mind that there isn’t any faster fix for web pages and websites which experience negative results from the Google update. It is important that you avoid the mistake of aggressively modifying the aspects related to your website without having a good understanding of the broader impact the changes will have. Sometimes you might be having a negative impact by Florida 2 or any other Google update, the best thing you can do is to continue focusing on providing great content as it is what Google does to seek rewards.