The development process of software considers various stages. A software development company performs continuous design, documentation, programming, and testing process, which may have certain complications.

Ignoring the risks can prove to be fatal for a software development company. The complex nature of agile software development means that efficient management with ample care can result in better development and lesser pitfalls. 

While success is the main objective of the development, a few risks come along with it. To prevent the damage these risks can cause, risk analysis and care are a must-have. Here are a few risks with software development.

  1. Inaccurate Estimation
  2. Scope Variations
  3. End-User Engagement
  4. Poor Quality Of Code

Inaccurate Estimation

Estimations are an unavoidable part of a software development project.  However, an inaccurate estimation results in poor management of the project and late deliveries to the client.

Inaccurate estimations occur when the project group underestimates the length of the project, the deadlines or the milestones. Software estimations can cause rifts between the software development company and the clients as it leads to an increase in project timeframes, and the overall expenses of the project.

A good software development company always monitors the projects and makes sure the estimates are met with great accuracy.

Scope Variations

Scope variations happen when there is an alteration in the scope of an iteration after an agreed timeframe, often due to the frequent feedback from the customer, stakeholders or product owners. These scope variations pose a severe risk to the project, significantly impacting the ability of the developers to stick to the original timeline of a project.

An important mitigation strategy for this risk is to manage the customer expectations on how the scope variation can alter the estimations. Using a variation metric to measure the scope changes, helps the customer in having a greater clarity of how the scope changes altered the project.

End-User Engagement

The end-user management risk occurs when the software development company releases a product, but the users are resistant to change, or a conflict occurs between their choices.

The user engagement is vital, which is a determining factor of the success of your software. The software should add value to the life of the users, making them feel that using the app is beneficial to them. More the users engage with your software, the more they will like it.

There are a few ways to understand the users and keep them engaged. Have constant user testing and surveys, have focus groups, beta test your app and have frequent releases of the latest versions.

Poor Quality Of Code

The quality of the code is another factor that determines the success of a software development project. The poor quality of code can occur due to various reasons, including misunderstanding the project or rushing through an iteration.

Code of poor quality may be difficult to read, hindering other developers from reviewing or making changes. With the production being rushed, there is a higher chance of releasing the project without testing it. Thus, your software can contain various bugs.

The poor quality code can decrease the agility of a software project in the long-term, which is usually created by taking shortcuts when writing code. The software development company should take care of maintaining the standards of code by following various strategies like frequent code reviews, testing the code, maintaining strict guidelines and careful project management.


A software development company can face several risks apart from the ones mentioned above. However, with proper risk management steps and care, the issues can be overcome and the project can be a success. Want to know more about managing software development risks? Say hi for free consulting.

What are the types of software development?

Software development can be classified into:

  • Software engineering
  • Computer programming
  • Video game development
  • Web development
  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development

How do I hire a software developer?

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How much does custom software development cost?

It is hard to estimate the cost of software development as each project is unique. The cost depends on time, technology, the complexity of code, features and other factors.

What are the risks in software development?

Here are a few risks in software development:

  • Inaccurate Estimation
  • Scope Variations
  • End-User Engagement
  • Poor Quality Of Code

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