The transport and the logistics industry is an ever-evolving one, with the need for smart transportation methods on the rise. With the rise of many apps like  Uber, Ola, Lyft, Gett, and Curb, the transportation industry undergoes rapid innovation and vast revolutionization. A taxi app like Uber paved way for the convenience of the customer as well as the driver, helping them save their time and money. Having a mobile app is vital for the success of your taxi startup business. Stats say that taxi businesses with an app earn 10 times more than their competitors who stick to the traditional, un-digitalised way. Here are 8 must-have features that you need to include in your taxi app:

  1. Map And Location Services
  2. In-App Payments
  3. Automated Payout
  4. Smart Analytical Tools
  5. Authorization
  6. Communication Channel/Review System
  7. Automated Fare Calculator
  8. User History

Map And Location Services

The most important feature your app for taxi business needs to include is the maps and location services. The maps and location services help to identify the exact position of the driver or the passenger. The location services identify and display the exact route during a trip. Hence, the taxi booking app needs to make use of the GPS tracking services and Google maps to plot the exact location on the map. This features, which the taxi app development company should handle, helps you solve an important commuter problem and boost your business.

In-App Payments

It’s a pain for a customer to always carry the change or the exact denomination of the taxi fare while taking a ride. In-app payment is an essential feature that your taxi booking app must-have. This feature in the software for a taxi company makes it user-friendly, easy and convenient. Customer satisfaction is reportedly increased when in-app payment feature is enabled in an app for taxi business.

Automated Payout

Collecting the taxi fare from the drivers and paying them their wages can be a headache. Here lies the importance of an automated system. You can add a feature in the driver module of the taxi booking app where the driver could select a plan and the billing cycle, automating the payment system. This automation in the process reduces the usage of the manual paperwork. For this feature to be successful in a taxi app like Uber, the driver needs to be given access to top-up features, current balance, and other subscription details.

Smart Analytical Tools

Embedded smart analytics tools in your software for taxi company helps you identify the performance of your drivers and it reduces the menace of manual data collection. Excellent analytic tools help to increase the efficiency of a company and will help you get the stats of your taxi business and understand it better. The analytic tools in the app will help you track the orders, missed orders, assigned orders and the booking sources.


User profiles and their security is a vital factor that a taxi app development company needs to consider. The authorization secures online payments, making your app more trustworthy.

Communication Channel/Review System

For the success of a taxi business, proper communication with the customers is vital. The business should be able to convey the users about the latest updates, deals, price updates and other information via push notifications. The taxi booking app should include a rating and review system, both for the driver and the passenger. This would help you learn more about the behaviour of your drivers and the passengers, along with the weak points of your business, hence helping you make them stronger.

Automated Fare Calculator

An automated fare calculator is an essential feature for an app for taxi business. As many instances of an argument regarding the fare breaking, implementing a calculator for fare estimation would help the passengers remove their queries regarding the exact fare amount. This feature would remove the unwanted confusion between the driver and the passenger.

User History

Your app for taxi business needs to allow the passengers and the drivers to access their riding history. This facility will be beneficial to them in providing a reference while complaining. This feature helps in making your taxi business transparent.


If you are into the taxi business, you need to have a taxi app like Uber. An experienced taxi app development company can help you with the creation of one, but you need to keep in mind the essential features to satisfy your customers. There are various white-label taxi app solutions like TaxiOnTheGo which would help you with feature-rich customized taxi solutions.

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Is a Taxi Booking App a great tool?

The taxi industry is bound to upward growth. With the advent of taxi apps, a customer finds it easy to get a ride and make the payments, along with other added features. A taxi booking app is a great tool for the taxi business industry.

How to create a taxi app like Uber?

There are primarily 2 steps in creating a taxi app like uber. Create a design, give the app a great user experience and give the necessary features to the app. You can also opt for white label taxi app solutions like TaxiOnTheGo.

How much does it cost to develop a taxi app like Uber?

A basic taxi app costs around $4000 to $60000, which may vary as per the features of the app. You can build your own app from scratch or get a white-label taxi app solution like TaxiOnTheGo.

How does the taxi app work?

The taxi app relies on functions from Google APIs or other maps for the navigation system. Various other API’s, payment gateways and other features are integrated into the app for smooth functionality.

What is the best taxi dispatch system?

There are various taxi dispatch systems like Uber, Ola, Gazoop etc. You can use a custom-made white-label taxi app solution like TaxiOnTheGo for your taxi business.