Our present world is actually being transformed by extensive and far-reaching Artificial Intelligence Applications. From Amazon’s AI solutions to Google Play to Apple’s App Store machines are surpassing all efficiency levels when it comes to being intuitive and the ability of multi-tasking. Who could have ever imagined a decade ago that with AI, self-driven cars, machines booking appointments, the ability of drones to deliver orders or manufacturing being done by robots, to name a few will actually become a reality.
Below we have discussed 5 Artificial Intelligence apps that are simply mind blowing

Mug Life
This app can change your face to any of the famous Memes. With this app, AI can detect your facial expressions changing them according to the provided clips or memes. These images can be taken from the camera roll or captured straight from the app to play with as per your choice. Images can also be searched for animating your photo with drawings, paintings, tattoos, illustrations or sketches. Another feature is to manipulate by using multiple faces. This app allows you to create amazing video clips and GIFs.

ML Kit
ML Kit is a software development kit developed by Google for iOS and Android app developers. With ML Kit AI-powered features can be added onto your mobile app whatever the OS. Several other machine learning models of Google can be integrated into the apps like face detection, text recognition, image labeling, barcode scanning and landmark recognition.

Polyjamer is an app that lets you create great music in minutes despite your not having any idea or experience of making music, although you may be a music lover. This does not mean that you will be given any already loaded music, but it will be distinctive using your creativity. It is possible to create such music just with a few taps of your fingers that would otherwise require years of knowledge and experience. You could play solo or a jam with friends on the same network and share it any social media platform. In fact, Polyjamer with the help of AI can give maximum output by coordinating sync and tempo where music is concerned.

Google Duplex
Conversations along with performing realistic and practical tasks on the phone are possible with Google Duplex. Artificial Intelligence can be used to make a human-like conversation like booking an appointment at the doctor’s or making a call to a hair salon. This is really an amazing app where the conversation is just like a person talking to another very naturally on the phone.

Thirty languages are supported by Polyword translating them in real time. This app recognizes objects, identifies them and then translates them into different languages. The camera should be faced towards the object to be identified and you will be provided the name of the target along with the language you want the object interpreted in. This app comes in very handy when you travel to foreign countries where you will be able to get the object in the language of that particular country.