Starting your own business can be an expensive affair. Starting your new business involves a lot of risk-taking, but a small business owner needs to be very careful while making important decisions. Choosing business intelligence tools for your small business is no different. The one needs to put some extra care in choosing the right and inspiring tools for small businesses. Here are a few business techs that offer a free plan which can be upgraded once your business grows and outgrow the perks offered:

  1. Wix
  2. MailChimp
  3. GSuite
  4. Slack
  5. Trello
  6. Skype
  7. Xtensio
  8. Google Drive
  9. Goodhire
  10. Hootsuite


Even a small business needs a website. If your website needs are basic, try Wix. Wix offers the necessary features for a basic website. Wix helps you create a full-featured, mobile-friendly and budget-friendly website. If you are aware of the features of a web hosting provider, you can switch to paid services. Please click here to get free consulting from experts.


Thinking of sending out newsletters, then don’t hesitate to choose MailChimp. With a great interface and professional look, MailChimp offers free services of up to 12,000 emails per month for 2,000 subscribers, which is ideal for a start-up business. MailChimp offers sophisticated features that automate the marketing, without the complexity of other similar systems at a fair price.


GSuite is a tool from Google to serve as the total range of functionality ideal for small scale businesses. An entrepreneur can purchase a domain, set-up an email client and track the analytics for the website. Additionally, a small scale business can launch and manage ad campaigns, and perform various tasks with Gsuite at a low cost.


The communication between team members is vital for the growth of a business. While the traditional messaging platforms offer clumsy services, Slack comes as a relief. Communication is well organized and easier with Slack. Slack channels can do file-sharing, phone calls, message search and even fun features like emojis. They offer a free plan of its services making it small scale business-friendly. Slack comes handy while in custom application development business.


Team and task management can be a headache for a small scale business and startups. Trello structures and easily keep track of tasks. Project management applications like Trello can create various boards and cards, set due dates, and add notes, providing a big relief for a small business. Trello can be free for individuals and small teams and the payment can be done per the team strength.


When a team has a few remote employees, meetings can be hard. There is a need for video conferencing. Skype, the leader in VOIP calling is ideal for a start-up business. Skype is a perfect business intelligence tool to communicate with team members, contractors, podcast guests, and other entrepreneurs at the base plan.


Xtensio is a cloud based collaboration platform that is great for creating stunning marketing collaterals. Just like Google docs, the documents you create can be edited in real-time so you and your colleagues can collaborate on creating a truly engaging content. Xtensio also has a wide range of marketing templates to choose from such as pitch decks templates, sales pages, landing page, user persona and many more.

Google Drive

File and document sharing within a team are essential and Google Drive is the perfect tool. The cloud-based file storage system integrates seamlessly with the file-sharing & collaboration tools inside Google Docs. This lets the team members share files easily or work on a single document with ease.


Hiring staff is not easy, especially for a small business. Conducting background checks, reference checks, employment verifications, skill tests, and other processes can be tiresome. Goodhire is a tool that can perform these tasks at the click of a smartphone. Expanding the team is made easy.


Handling social media can be challenging for a small business. Hootsuite offers an easy-to-use social media tool in its free plan. The entrepreneur can manage multiple social networks, schedule posts, and interact with their followers. The business can also track the followers and get basic analytics of a post in the free plan.


Starting a small business is never easy and involves risks. Selecting the right tool can be challenging. If you are still having confusion on getting started, feel free to contact us. We are a leading custom mobile application development and web application development company. Our vast expertise and knowledge in the business management software and business application development make us a standout in the IT industry. We are looking forward to partnering with you to give your business a head start in the competitive market.

Which small business can I start?

Small businesses can be anything from accounting to cleaning services to being a blogger. However, the taxi business is a hot cake now. You can build your taxi rental platform or white label an existing platform like TaxiOnTheGo.

What is the best marketing tool for a small business?

If you are planning to market your products through newsletters, go for MailChimp. MailChimp offers emails and other marketing features included in the free plan. You can upgrade the plan once your business expands.

What are the different online tools used in business?

A small business requires tools for building a website, marketing, social media, communication, business management software, business intelligence tools, file sharing and project management applications among many others. The most efficient and cost-saving tools for small businesses are mentioned above.

How can I improve my taxi business?

The key to expanding your taxi business is having a good and user-friendly mobile platform. You can either build your own taxi platform or white label an existing platform like TaxiOnTheGo.

What are the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs?

Various tools are required in a small business depending on the need. Tools like Trello are ideal for task management and Slack for communication. You can get a custom business application software. The tool required depends on the purpose.