The base of startups is ideas. If a start-up needs to reach the highest level, they need to have an exceptional and solid idea. Only 56% of the startups have survived 5 years. With the increasing competition, having fresh ideas is the key to survival.

In the generation of smartphones, it’s wise to digitally transform your business and think of custom mobile application development. With the number of mobile apps increasing, a cliche idea will not survive the struggle. iPhone application development services and android app development companies are in constant demand for app development ideas. Here are a few mobile app ideas to follow in 2020.

  1. Dating App
  2. Taxi App
  3. AR/VR Apps
  4. Healthcare Apps
  5. E-Commerce Apps

Dating App

Finding a life partner is not easy. It is difficult and time-consuming for one to find and meet someone offline. So why not digitize it with a mobile app?

The best solution is a dating app. People can meet each other, get to know each other, and if possible, settle down. The app can be even subcategorized according to the needs like casual flirting, hookups or serious relationships. As most of the youngsters prefer to meet their partners online, a dating app is one of the trending iOS and android app ideas in 2020.

Taxi App

With the need for transport increasing daily, the competition between taxi businesses is getting rigid. If you are into the taxi business, then what you need is an app. With trending apps like Uber, GTaxi and Ride in the market, get your business a custom-developed app or get a white label taxi app solution like TaxiOnTheGo. With a mobile app, your drivers can operate with ease and your passengers find it easier to find a cab. This would help you build a rapport with your drivers and customers, hence strengthening your business and your brand.

AR/VR Apps

The scope for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is on the rise. Capable of creating a reality in front of us, these technologies are now favorites of iOS application development and an android app development company. Computer-generated images are superimposed on exiting realities to create a unique user experience.

The biggest proof of this trend is the success of Pokemon Go. AR/VR is fusing with other technologies like IoT application development to bring effective solutions. This technology can is useful in a business application as an effective solution for video conferencing in custom mobile application development to create a mall navigation app or a make-up trial app. The possibilities of AR/VR is endless.

Healthcare Apps

Luxury can be found anywhere, but health is wealth. With heavy workload, stress and hustle, the damage taken by our body is huge. This can lead to serious health issues like depression and anxiety. This is a serious concern which a mobile app can handle.

A patient can get in touch with a doctor with the app. The doctor, who may be in a distant location, can consult the patient via the app. What more? Medicines as per the doctor’s prescription can be delivered to the patient’s doorsteps. A healthcare app is one of the trending mobile app ideas in 2020.

E-Commerce Apps

What if we could do our shopping while lazily lounging on our couch? That’s what exactly E-commerce sites offer. We can get our necessities delivered to our footsteps just with a click on our smartphones. With well-defined categories and filters, it’s easy for a customer to buy their desired items with ease. As for a vendor, selling their products online is easier and in great demand. Therefore, it’s great to have an E-commerce mobile application with a great user experience to boost your business.


Gear Up! Try out the latest trends in the mobile application business. Even though the user base for smartphones is on the rise, the trends change. Keep yourself updated and take your business to the next level with the trending app ideas.

Having trouble choosing the right app for your business? Having doubts regarding the current mobile app trends? Feel free to contact us for free consulting. We are a mobile app development company aided with skill and expertise in various mobile apps including E-commerce platforms and white-label taxi app solutions. Let’s give your business the leading edge in this competitive world.

How do I create an app idea?

An app idea is created in 7 steps.

  1. Realizing the app as a business
  2. Solve a problem
  3. Identify and research the competitors
  4. Figure out an MVP
  5. Plan the marketing
  6. Create wireframes and views
  7. Contact app developers

What are the new android app ideas?

Ideas can be anything. However, the current trending mobile app ideas are dating apps, taxi apps, AR/VR apps, healthcare apps and E-commerce apps.

How much does it cost to buy a taxi app?

The cost of building a taxi app varies from $4000 to $60,000, depending on the features. You can get a white-label taxi app solution from providers like TaxiOnTheGo and customize it to your liking.

What is AR app?

An AR(Augmented Reality) app is a mobile application which integrates digital visual content into a user’s real-world content.

What are the best practices to be followed by a mobile app developer?

To be a successful mobile developer, along with hard work and commitment, there are a few coding practices to be followed. Here are a few of them.

  1. Reduce friction in every coding steps
  2. Optimize the user flows
  3. Create easy and clear navigation
  4. Create engaging UI/UX
  5. Design and develop the app for disruption