In today’s fast-evolving world, custom mobile application development plays a huge role in the success of a business. With the competition increasing rapidly, a mobile app can hold the key to survival. However, a business should take care of the mobile app development process to stay ahead of the curve. One has to follow a few systematic approaches in Android app development to make the best use of the app. But what are the best strategies in creating a successful Android app?

Creating A Business Strategy

Creating an app without a strategy is like playing a game of football without practice. The end result might not be satisfactory. Your needs, your goals, and your methodology to create the app needs to be defined.

Define Your Business Needs

Your app should solve a unique problem and add value to your customer. Every successful app has a defined process that solves a problem. Identification of the problem is the first step to glory.

Competitor And Market Study

An idea doesn’t make your app unique. You might have to research to find competitors who are solving the same problem as well as to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing more about your competitor helps you in making the necessary twitches to stay ahead in the market.


Once you have completed ideating and strategizing the app idea, here comes Android app development. There are three approaches that can be taken. You can have in-house developers, hire freelancers or choose an Android application development company. Here, let us discuss the benefits of choosing an Android development service provider.

Android Application Development Company

An Android app development company eliminates the heavy project management overheads, fixed costs of in-house developers and the challenges associated with hiring freelancers. Most app development companies provide end-to-end services, right from the brainstorming to the delivery. Outsourcing app development has added benefits. An Android app development company situated in countries like India can provide you with quality service at a much cheaper cost than in-house development. Outsourcing the app development can get the job done tension-free at a cheaper cost.

Budgeting And Planning

According to Gartner, less than 1% of mobile apps succeed. One of the reasons is insufficient funding. So how do you estimate the budget for app development? You can collect the estimates from the Android application development company before beginning the development. You can also use an estimation tool to set the budget.

As part of your estimation process, you need to have the technical discussions and what features you are intending to implement. This step is vital in setting the budget and duration of the app.

Once the estimate is made and the budget set, you need to create a product roadmap, which will help you:

  • Prioritize deliverables into milestones
  • Identify dependencies
  • Prepare a timeline
  • Create a communication plan
  • Establish success criteria

App Development

Once the budgeting and estimation are done, the next phase is app development. Android app development is done in 5 phases. They are:

  • Define: Here, the business scope of the app is done, which helps the development team in understanding the project.
  • Design: The UI designers then give the app an appearance, rich in user experience and an appealing user interface.
  • Develop: Once the designers have completed the appearance, the developers work to make the app work. They indulge in front-end development, API development, and back-end development with clear milestones and goals, to give your app life.
  • Test: Once the development is done, the testing team checks if the app is working as it is intended to. They validate various aspects of your app and reports if any bugs occur.
  • Deploy: This is the final phase. Once the app is tested to hold up its quality, it’s deployed into  Google Playstore. Hurray! Your Android app is now live.


Creating a bringing your mobile app idea to life is not a cakewalk. Creating an app requires various processes, but with the right strategy, your app can boost your business. Want to know more about implementing an Android app for your business? Contact us for free consulting.

How do I make an android app for my business?

To create an Android app for your business, the following steps need to be taken:

  • Define your business need
  • Competitor and market study
  • Budgeting And Planning
  • App Development

How much does it cost to create an Android app?

An average app varies between $10,000 to $500,000. The cost can vary due to various factors.

What are the main features of a business app?

Every business application must have the following feature:

  • Social Integration
  • Allow Customization
  • Eliminate Clicks.
  • Include Analytics
  • Maintain Relevancy
  • Feedback system

How mobile apps can help optimize your Business?

Apps allow a business to resolve customer questions, makes them aware of the discounts or offers provided, gives a platform to directly interact with the company and suggest services they want. Mobile apps make customer service a simpler and more efficient process for businesses.

What language is used for Android app development?

Java is the main language used for Android development. Apart from Java, Kotlin, Dart and React Native is used.