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How to Choose Best Platform For Mobile Application Development

mobile application

Mobile apps have taken over web computing as regards enterprise adoption and mainstream usage. In fact these mobile apps have revolutionized the way people work, think, live and shop. So for enterprise to be successful in this mobile computing age it is very important to have an app that can function by promoting, selling and engaging with users.

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CoreML – Machine Learning Framework | Apple


Core ML is a very popular machine learning framework released by Apple that runs on all Apple products like Camera, Siri, and QuickType. With Core ML developers can effectively integrate machine learning into your apps. Core ML does not require a thorough knowledge of machine learning or any neutral apps and pre-trained data models can be simply converted into Core ML model.

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How to Install IPA File in IOS ? – IOS App IPA

How to Install IPA File in IOS-min

IPA stands for iPhone Application Archive file. IPA is an executable zipped file that stores an iOS app. It is used for installing an iOS app in various iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is usually an encrypted file that can be installed only on an Apple device since it is encrypted with Apple’s FairPlay DRM technology.

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