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    Digital Marketing Services


    As a company with history of excellent performance, we understand the importance of Branding and Digitalization. We make sure your data reaches millions of netizens. Our team of highly competent SEO’s and Marketing Specialists collaborate to define your marketing strategy, drive sales and outperform your competition.

    We specialize in Analytics, PPC, SEO / SEM Smm, Email Marketing, Website Analysis strategies.


    Branded Corporate Websites

    Social Media

    To gain more brand exposure & boost social signals.


    Any monthly budget. Ad campaigns on google Adwords. Yahoo and Bing


    Search engines optimization including local search, link-building, blogging, social post

    Landing Pages

    Optimized for search engines to capture more traffic and qualified leads to your website

    Email Marketing

    Weekly, Monthly or quarterly

    Pay Per Click Campaign

    We can help boost your traffic by setting up the best campaign suitable by analysing your industry. We have the right workforce, technology, approach and strategy to ensure your business is right at the forefront of the digital market. This is primarily done by incorporating the following three approaches

    Keyword Relevance

    Keyword Relevance Creates the relevant keywords list, right keyword groups, and well defined ad text.

    Landing Page Quality

    We create optimized landing pages consisting of relevant data designed to specific search queries.

    Quality Score

    Relevance of the content in the ad to the users. Depending on the Quality Score and the bid, Google determines the ranking of your page.

    You need to pay a price when a visitor clicks on the link or enters a related search keyword in the search engine. You are required to pay only for the clicks so it is a cost effective way to drive traffic to your site.

    At 2Base Technologies we provide PPC services that help you to obtain the highest traffic to your website at low cost. With PPC it takes comparatively lesser time to drive more people into viewing your brand and business when compared to SEO which takes long time to achieve high ranking. We make sure that your paid search advertising campaign is setup properly, your ads are copied to meet search engine requirements for customizing the search, and the keyword bidding used is competitive.

    We provide you with daily backups to update your paid advertisement campaigns to meet the requirements of refined search to be at the top of the search category and also to pay reduced per click charges. We take into account that your product promotion should be such that it meets the customer‘s requirements. The biggest advantage is that it requires payment only if someone clicks the link.

    Search Engine Optimization Services

    Any idea on how many websites get published every day?

    About 5 Million or more!

    How do you make yours stand out from the rest? Hire an Expert SEO! We have a team of competent SEO’s ready to take it from here and make your projects rank high on the web.

    What Is Search Engine Optimization?

    Whenever you wanted to know about something, the first thing you did was type it on google. You just entered what is called “a query or related keyword” into the search engine. Have you ever wondered why some of the results are displayed behind and some in front? Websites ranking high on the list contain similar keywords and queries. This online marketing technique is known as search engine optimization.

    Digital Marketing Agency

    How do we do it?


    Sitemap Optimization


    Software Development

    Reviews & Ratings

    Progress Strategy


    Content Optimization

    Google Ranking

    Traffic Monitoring

    Website Optimization

    Keyword Optimization

    Market Analysis

    • The first and foremost thing that we do is analyse the client market.
    • This is followed by the Website Analysis, drawing a comparison between the code and the content.
    • The analysis of the client competitors and their ranking.

    Keyword Research and Development

    • We then generate a detailed keyword listing by performing a keyword analysis.
    • A continuous Ranking Assessment with the search engine to see the traffic and ranking.
    • We believe in setting well defined goals and follow all methodologies to achieve the set target.

    Content Optimization and Submission

    • Once the analysis is done, the content on the website is optimized. This is done by giving the appropriate Page Titles and Meta Tags.

    Email Marketing Campaigns

    Adding names to a database is very simple and email marketing is as simple as that. At 2Base Technologies we have been providing direct mail campaigns in the form of Email marketing. In usual marketing process, the printouts are dumped in to dusty mailboxes and most of them are left unnoticed. We effectively combine the expertise of our technical experts in providing mail campaigns and marketing campaigns to improve and take your business further.

    When you go on knocking doors to market your products it is a tedious process and it involves huge investment of money, time and effort though using postal or other modes of marketing. But, email marketing is a form of direct campaigning where in you can make sure your products are reaching the customers and you would of course receive a valuable response. This is the most effective method as it is cost effective and it reaches the people quickly rather than the traditional methods.

    Some of the benefits from the Email Marketing campaigns are -

    • We then generate a detailed keyword listing by performing a keyword analysis.
    • A continuous Ranking Assessment with the search engine to see the traffic and ranking.
    • We believe in setting well defined goals and follow all methodologies to achieve the set target.
    • People who browse online can be canvassed in to your offline business services.
    • You can improve the quality of your business with the reviews from clients/customers/visitors.

    The social media helps in generating a new market through publicity of your products online. These online publicities help in better marketing of your products rather than word of mouth can. We provide promotion of your products through Email and SMS campaigns. This would help to increase your ROI. This method that we follow at 2Base Technologies has helped our clients to optimize their budget with the principle of avail payment at each step. This Email marketing provided by 2Base technologies provides our clients in cost cutting through investment of minimal IT resources.

    Social Media Optimization Services

    How much time do you spend in social media sites?

    According to a study, an average person spends his 5 years on social media.

    Social media sites provide as the best possible way to promote your data. Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic through social media platforms.

    Social Media Optimization or Search Marketing Optimization is the symbiosis between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social marketing. SMO involves bringing to the social front your website in order to garner more likes. Search engines these days including Google, Bing etc. use the likes on your business’s social media accounts as a symbol of quality of your business. So every new like your page garners, is seen as an up vote and helps increase your search ranking.

    We at 2Base Technologies know what it takes to be seen & heard across the World Wide Web and understand the importance of marketing your business. The objective of SMO is to generate traffic & create popularity for your online portal, something which are marketing experts are pretty good at. We ensure that you are able to connect to the entire online population and help you in bridging the gap between not only your website and internet traffic, but also between success and your business venture. Whether it is using RSS feeds, social news, bookmarking sites, promoting your page on social media giants like Facebook and Twitter and even video and blogging sites, our SMO specialists are sheer magicians when it comes to driving traffic to your business from sources other than search engines, and the higher search engine ranking is just an added benefit. We make good use of geographical information to aim target groups who would be more likely to buy a product or service from you and ensure that your business has the online presence you desire and it deserves.

    ORM - Online Reputation Management

    Once you host your website over the internet you need to increase its market value by increasing its visitor and potential customer list. ORM is nothing but online reputation/brand management system which is essential in giving you a proper online reputation for your business and product or brand name and also to help track your business over the search engine. It is a distinctive form of SEO services and also a peculiar form of search criteria.

    ORM helps in optimizing the search criteria that helps to construct favorable aspects in the minds of the customers. If you do not have a proper marketing strategy it might take years to canvass people, but with ORM services you can refine your search criteria which would help you to have a proper focus on your target.

    2Base Technologies involves the following steps for your business to achieve reputation online -

    • Analyzing the current online status of your business.
    • Designing a sketch of all the negative and positive lists related to target achievement.
    • Designing and promoting high quality content and publishing it over third party websites including social media, press release, and other classified distinctive websites.
    • Blogs and forum commented with favorable quotes with your brand or banner name.
    • Optimizing the search engines with favorable search options and keywords.
    • Creating a noticeable profile on the social media with numerous visitors to target attention.
    • Getting reviews from public about your brand to gain potential customers.

    Link Building Services

    You might have various categories and sub categories for your own website and you need a check point to reach these categories. This can be achieved by using the link building technique. This process helps in creating inbound connections or links to your website. You can make use of third party Medias like e-zines, newspapers, search engines and social media by attaching reciprocal links related to your websites to them. Reciprocal linking is an important type of linking.

    It is actually a process of mutual understanding where in both the webmasters agree to advertise the other‘s links on their websites. Link building is one of the search engine techniques to increase the search engine ranking and traffic of your website.

    At 2Base Technologies we provide Link Building services which provide the following benefits -

    • Increased sales.
    • Increased traffic drive to your site.
    • Increased incoming links to a site increases the value of your site.
    • Optimizing the search engines with favorable search options and keywords.
    • Getting reviews form public about your brand to gain potential customers.
    • We improve your chances to find the best potential partner in displaying mutual links. We help you with choosing the best partners to make your website more valuable.
    • Our link building process provides you with the improved on-page optimization and search engine optimization.
    • We also provide evaluations on your links and apply these evaluations to help in achieving further improvements.

    Search Engine Marketing

    Digital Marketing Agency

    Just like the SEO, SEM is also gaining huge importance in the internet world. At 2Base Technologies we provide SEM services for our clients to improve their business further. The SEM or Search Engine Marketing includes paid marketing services like Banner Ads, Viral Marketing, Google Adwords, Brand Building and Email Marketing. It has also been found that SEM provides quicker and refined results when compared to that provided by SEO.

    Our technical team has done a wide research into the internet marketing about how to expand your business over wider zones on the internet. The SEM covers the aspects of pay on click, SEO, SMM, PPC and video marketing. Search Engine Optimization or SEO makes use of On-Page and Off-Page strategies that helps a website to gain popularity in the market through search engines.

    We provide PPC or pay-per-click mechanisms for advertising our products. It is nothing but targeted advertising through paid services. The Google‘s Adwords and Overture are the normally used pay-per-click programs. It means once you publish your advertisements you need to make payments only if a visitor clicks it and is redirected to your site. This can be achieved by making use of customized keywords that increases the number of potential customers in need of your products.

    At 2Base Technologies we provide content writing systems which are rich in keyword based contents. Blogging and custom content solutions are also provided which aim at spreading your online business solutions far and wide over the internet.

    Content Writing Services

    Are you looking for someone to write content for you? Then you are at the right place.Are you finding it difficult to find a better market for your business? Do not worry. Content writing is the first step to renovating and rebuilding your website. A good content in your website can always attract and bring in potential customers. A good and substantial amount of professional content always attracts people into reading it.

    The conversion rate of a website is purely decided by the content in it. You can count on technical experts like us to get the best of the content describing your brand and business thus bringing in newer and more potential customers. It is not an easy task to develop contents for websites as it might sound. It requires a lot of intelligent thinking to pen down the words when you describe a product or business and want to canvass people into buying it.

    The article or content written by our content writers are search engine friendly, informative and is written in a proper structured layout and it contains the proper keywords. All our clients have experienced a better exposure for their business through our well written and professionally descriptive articles.

    We provide 100% original content and there is no risk of plagiarism. We do not depend on any other sites or media to get the articles written. The articles we develop are verified using copyscape. Our team at 2Base Technologies involves highly experienced and qualified professional content writers who are experts in developing or writing contents in bulk and also we provide quality analysis of the developed contents.

    Digital Marketing Agency

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