Brand Identity Design Services

“Creativity is Intelligence having fun!” - Albert Einstein

Branding is connecting emotionally with your potential customers when you have their attention for a very short period of time. Creating an Impact is the key.

Do you want your business to stand at par with the leading businesses in the market? Do you want your Brand to be the best in the industry? If yes, then let us handle it for you.

We understand the importance of Branding and Digitalization. We have the best workforce who can identify your business needs and give your business an apt branding strategy.

Branding and Identity of a company is nothing but how the business wants to be perceived in terms of value by its employees inside and the customers outside.

A brand is a company’s outfit. It is a relationship between the business and customers. The brand of any company deals with two things - emotion and strategy. It is the Name, Logo, Tagline and Typeface.


The main components of any business branding is Brand, Identity and Logo

  • Brand is the corporate image of the company.
  • Identity is the visual image of the business.
  • Logo is the means to identify a business, its typically a business term for trademark of an organisation.

We follow a structured methodology when it comes to Branding of our clients -

  • Market Research - A detailed research of the client’s industry is done. After researching, we analyse what could be the best branding strategy for the client. Once the study is done we move to the next step.
  • Competitor Analysis - This step involves analyzing the competitors of the client. This is to know what they are doing, how they are doing it and to make sure our ideas do not collide with theirs.
  • Design The Logo - After the Analysis phase is over, the logo is designed. This is where our creative team comes into action. This phase includes creating the first version of designed logos using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Logo is more often a graphical symbol associated with the company. It can either come with a text or without it. If the company has set its foot in the market then the logo enough would be enough to identify the company without the typographic content.

    Our clients play a major role in logo design. We request the clients for their inputs. This gives a better understanding of the values, culture and outlook that needs to be imbibed on the logo.

  • Improvement and Enhancement - After rounds of communication and subsequent improvements we come out with the final version of the logo. This final product would be the perfect mashup of an immense amount of graphic and digital creativity as well as client inputs.

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