Causing massive devastation to the human lives globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has not spared the business world either. With lockdown imposed around the world and people maintaining a social distance and trying to avoid human interactions in fear of contracting the deadly coronavirus, the business world has been affected badly. Brick and mortar stores like small grocery shops, restaurants and theatres have been closed. However, online stores are in demand. There has been a surge in the usage of eCommerce stores during these harsh times.

With the local stores being closed or running out of the basic necessities like sanitizers, people are looking into eCommerce stores as a beacon of hope. Adding to it, the fact that people are avoiding public gatherings and human interaction, the scope of shopping from an eCommerce store is on the high. There has been a spike in the user activity of these online stores, encouraging store owners to take forward their application development plans.

One of the reasons for this trend is the changing mentality of the customer. The fear of the present situation and the uncertainty of the period of lockdown has forced the customers to change their shopping behaviour. From bulk buying to online purchasing, the customers tend to buy only what they need and when they need it. Though there is a global fear of an economic slowdown and a recession that may affect us for a while, the magnitude of the online retail sector will be on a rise.

The big question is, why is E-commerce vital for business during COVID-19? How important is an online store once the pandemic ends?

With the government imposed lockdown and restricted outdoor trips, the brick and mortar shops are facing a harsh time. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the eCommerce business is flourishing with shipping and deliveries. As people depend on these online stores for their consumer goods, the demand for eCommerce business will be more significant in the years to come.

E-commerce businesses are leveraging the technology to deliver products via robots, drones, and automation. Smaller restaurants are looking up to custom web application development and mobile application development services to deliver food to their customers. In time, it’s expected other businesses like travel and tour companies to follow these trends. Considering a need to minimalize the human contact, innovation and technology help in creating contactless deliveries and keeping everyone safe.

The coronavirus pandemic is going to leave a substantial void for business owners. But how is eCommerce going to be the future? Leading eCommerce website design and development companies are going to experiment technologies like AR and VR to give the customers a user experience similar to the brick and mortar stores. Digital innovations and creative channels will keep the eCommerce business alive and kicking.

The coronavirus has changed the way business runs in the present scenario. With the future being digital, various stores and restaurants are adopting the innovative path of running the business. Want to know more about how an eCommerce platform can help your business? Drop a message for  free consulting. Being a prominent eCommerce website design and development company, we assure you the right strategy to take your business to the digital platform.

How much does an eCommerce website cost?

On average, a small eCommerce website costs around $13,000 to $20,000 while a medium website costs around $30,000 to $50,000.

What is the future of other online businesses?

The future of online business is bright. With the ongoing pandemic, more stores will adopt eCommerce apps as customers prefer to make their purchases online.

How to Boost Your eCommerce Presence During Covid-19?

Understand the preference of the user and implement AI algorithms to provide them with personalized suggestions. Boost up the SEO activities.

How COVID-19 Is Transforming E-Commerce?

eCommerce solutions offer contactless deliveries that reduce the spread of the deadly coronavirus. eCommerce platforms are now focusing on balancing the supply chain ecosystem.

What are the benefits of e-commerce app development?

E-commerce app developments result in the brand having:

  • Loyal Customers
  • Brand Recognition
  • Better Efficiency and Increased Revenues
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Contactless Payments