Reasons why Laravel is known as the best framework for PHP?

Laravel is a young framework with a great future. It has the functionality to develop modern applications quickly and securely. Taylor Otwell first introduced it to the world in 2011. Therefore, it is a framework with a modern approach. It was initially created for MVC architecture, but it meets all current needs like event handling and user authentication. It also has a modular and extensible code through a package manager and robust support for database management.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or newbie; when you know about it, you’ll know that Laravel is the framework that you are searching for your PHP projects. In this article, we can talk about why Laravel is known as the best PHP framework.

6 Reasons to Choose Laravel PHP Framework for Web Development

Are you planning to start a new project on PHP platform? Within the framework there are many platforms to choose from that having different features and functionalities. If you are a developer then you must have heard about Laravel, if not, this blog will give you useful understandings about and six strong reasons to adopt it for your development project.


What is Laravel?

As a PHP framework, Laravel is an open source web development platform. What sets it apart is the expressive and elegant syntax that has been designed to ease and speed up the web development process. The platform has a vibrant developers’ community support and powerful features too. Described below are 6 Reasons to Choose Laravel PHP Framework for Web Development

1. Emerging Quickly : Many PHP development companies have adopted Laravel due to its dynamic capabilities to handle big web development projects. According to Google trends, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework among the developers.

2. Open Source : It is an open-source PHP web application framework that makes it free and has easy process for building complex and large web applications with code maintainability.

3. Template engine : Laravel has lightweight templates with which you can create amazing layouts with dynamic content seeding. It has many widgets having JS and CSS code with solid structures. The templates of these frameworks are designed for simple webpage layout with different sections.

4. Modular : Laravel is built on more than 20 different libraries and is itself split up into individual modules. It has adopted modern PHP principles, which allows developers to build modular, responsive and user-friendly web apps.

5. MVC Architecture Support : It follows the MVC pattern, ensuring transparency between logic and presentation. This architecture improves performance, allows better documentation, and has multiple built-in functions.

6. Libraries and configuration : It supports many development environments and adjusts itself based on the appropriate platform where app is running. All this is possible because of the authorization libraries integrated inside. Laravel libraries are supported by auto complete features which are not found in other popular PHP frameworks.

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  • Inherent Database Version control
  • lightweight Blade Templating Engine that is powerfully driven by template inheritance of .blade.php extension files,  which comes under the View part of the  MVC architecture of Laravel.
  • Composer – An amazing tool for managing your application’s third party packages simply.
  • Comes bundled with Eloquent – An ORM that offers a simple Active Record implementation to work with your databases  and is comparatively faster than other PHP frameworks.
  • Built-in unit testing and only readable impressive syntax
  • Larger Community catering to programming nerds and application developers
  • Intelligently designed to provide incredible flexibility to developers that help them to create each and everything from small  sites to giant enterprise applications.


  • Amateur developers have problems while extending codes and classes.
  • Community support is not vast in comparison with other platforms.
  • Many methods included in reverse routing are complex.