As a startup who is planning to bloom his business, you know the obstacles that lie in front of you and among them is the programming language. Most startups often go through the tedious process of selecting the right programming language for their product development. And what makes this a tough decision, is the shoestring budget you are in, numerous factors like user-friendliness of the programming language, application security, developer cost, and the list goes on and on.

In such a scenario, you can count on Python which not only frees you from any kind of constraints but provides a huge number of benefit to your business. The best part of using Python is that it provides extensive freedom for doing all kinds of future upgrades because it interacts easily with other languages.

Criteria startups need to follow while selecting a programming language from a Web and Mobile App Development Company

For a startup, you might have come across this doubt ” What programming language suits my business ? ” No doubt, when it is related to product development, you must always think of what can motivate you while going for a particular programming language over another. If you are a non-technical person, it is really a tough choice since you have to rely on your partner or advisor.

Keep in mind that selecting the right or you can say the required programming language defines the success of a business. And therefore, you need to weigh in the cons and pros of the options that are available in front of you. The following are the list of criteria you must keep in mind –

  • Frameworks and platforms should be accessible
  • A good community support
  • Language difficulty. Keep in mind that if the language syntax and rule are quite complex, then you really need an experienced and capable developer to get through.
  • Language efficiency
  • Find out the technology stack used by the potential acquisition company is using

So, for fulfilling the above criteria and web application development, no doubt Python is the best choice.

So, Can Python Be That Good?

Before jumping into the business details of Python and why most top software development companiesuse it, you need to know the basic details of the language.

Unlike other programming languages, Python is high level OOPs based, general purpose and interpreted programming language which never repeats itself. Its major focus is on the rapid development of an application.

A web and mobile app development company uses it as its design philosophy is based on the readability of the code. Also, its syntax provides the programmer the chance to read codes in an easy manner and the syntax even helps programmers to describe the required concepts in lesser codings which is only possible in languages like C.

Benefits Python Provides

Corporates like Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and Pinterest have selected Python as the programming language of their choice because of various reasons. The following are the reasons why you can use Python as the programming language –

  • User-Friendliness Python has various built-in dictionary data structures and these can be utilized for creating robust and faster data structures in Python development. In addition, it gives the opportunity for high-level dynamic data typing. This will reduce the support codes length.
  • Python Shop – One Of The Biggest Internet FirmDo you know Python is the foremost and first choice of Google? Most importantly, various offering and tools of Google are created keeping it in mind. No doubt, Python is the best and safest option for optimal integration capabilities of Google’s Apps and cloud services used by startups.
  • Productive Python DevelopmentWith regard to python development, it gives enhanced process and control capabilities, object-oriented design, unit testing framework and robust integration along with testing processing choice. Frankly, all of these will lead to improving and increasing the productivity and even the speed. So, the Python development is a great option, especially if you want to create a complex and robust multi-protocol network application.
  • Good Community Of Supporters And Expansive FollowersCurrently, there are very less open source communities which are devoted and expansive like Python. Many programmers work daily to improvise the core functionality and features of the language.
  • Python Will Always Be FreeDo you know that Python and its modules, support tools, and libraries are free? In addition, popular IDEs – which is the integrated development environments like Pydev with Eclipse, PTVS, Spyder Python, etc are even available to download free.
  • Third Party ModulesAs there is the PyPI (which is nothing but a Python package), Python will interact with other platforms and languages quite efficiently. Furthermore, this package will contain third-party modules, making Python more proficient.
  • Speed And ProductivityOne of the best part of using Python and why most top software development companies use is it is that it provides enhanced process control capabilities and even object-oriented design. Also, it got robust integration that is filled with text processing capabilities and best unit testing framework. Now all of these will contribute to the upsurge with regard to the productivity and speed. No doubt, Python is the best option for creating complex and multi-protocol network apps.
  • Best And Top Content Management FrameworkPython has created the best and commonly used Content Management Framework called Zope while competing at the Open Source universe. Now the best part is that it takes less time for creating and developing a highly interactive website using Python in comparison to the ASP or JSP counterparts.Plus, it provides content optimization and website modifications and that too without taking the assistance of the programmers of the web and mobile app development company.
  • Budget-FriendlyWhen it is related to creating a product, you need to keep in mind of two choices- expertise and preferences. Both of these boil down to the need of having any language. If you are on a shoestring budget, Python development is the perfect choice. More importantly, Python is a perfect choice even if you have enormous projects. No doubt, it is the best option for bootstrappers and startups as it provides lesser coding and quicker development compared to PHP, C, Java, etc.

So, Why Startups Need Python?

If you are a startup, you need to know that it is best if you strike when the iron is hot. The competition is quite fierce and the moment to shine for you won’t last for long. You can have a complex and working product within a month or two using Python and that too with the assistance of a team containing one or two individuals.

All you need to do is spend a minimal amount and you can get the proof of concept. Sometimes you can get the working prototype right to the investors for getting the funds that you really want. Start earning money now and later on you can create a good reputation of your business with the assistance of awesome support. Also, you can take lessons from the success of other startups who have become globalized and get the best solution for your project.