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We help you in finding your perfect better half - One Vivaha

One Vivaha is a matrimonial application for an auspicious beginning to a long lasting relationship. One vivaha, one of India's best known matrimony brands founded with a simple objective - to help Brahmin and Konkani Community people find a life partner. One Vivaha has simple registration steps, verified users and secured payment gateway features, thus adding value to the application.This application is built using trending technologies like CakePHP and secured payment gateway through CCAvenue. Onevivaha.com is a platform that brings together the bridegroom and bride in their holy union called Marriage.


Application Features

  • Secured and Personalized information.

  • Responsive Web pages and communication is made easy.

  • Community wise categorization is available.

  • View other member profiles, photos and phone numbers directly through the app.

  • Easy payment steps through secure gateways.

  • Express your Interest to any member with a single click.

Client Initial Requirement

Customer came with a product which was purchased from a third party and the system was unstable and lot of bugs and they wanted to integrate the new modules and features on the existing product and the third party cannot resolve the bugs which is already existing in the system, so after analysing the existing system we suggested to go with a framework which can expandable for mobile app’s too in the future.

So we suggested the Cakephp framework where the development speed will be too fast and we can meet all the custom requirements of the customer too.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Single codebase with multiple websites in the frontend.

  • Separate mobile app’s for each community and single codebase.

  • Community wise categorization.

  • Unstable application is made stable using cakephp and more trending technologies.

What 2Base has done:


We built a system where we can expand to multiple websites for each community and separate mobile application for each community, that was the challenging part. We built the system in such a way that we don’t want to use separate codebase for each community websites. In the front end each website will act as separate for each community and the backend will be common for all community. So implementing new features became non challenging because of this and the new features will be available in all the websites without much effort.

Technologies And Tools Used :
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Project Duration:

6 Months

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