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Project Description

Votext is an application for fun loving people who want to communicate with new people, share with friends, post and rate great photos, or even compete in a fun Image Challenge. Votext Scale is a rating system controlled by absolutely anyone and everyone using it. This social media app allows users to upload pictures to their Timeline and share pictures with friends to receive ratings and feedbacks.

This social media app is a new era way of communicating with friends and family through daily challenges getting their input base upon how much they rate your picture. Users can send private messages to their followers, challenge them and vote on fun cool pictures.
Enjoy participating in daily worldwide trending topics, share thoughts and fun events with the world and even become Personality of the Day, with the top ratings, of course.



  • Picture Challenge
  • Person of the Day
  • Become The Person Of The Day.
  • Trends
  • Send Private Pictures to Friends.
  • Product of The Day.
  • Receive Awards

This is deployed in high performance and technologically advanced dedicated server.

Technologies used

CakePHP, MySQL, JSON, Objective C, Java, FaceBook Graph, Twitter API, Instagram API

Duration of the project

1 Year and new versions are coming soon