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Project Description

This website is exclusively managed by the T-Mobiles in USA along with the Rural/Metro Corporation. The employees and the family members of the Rural/Metro Corporation will get adiscount of 12% on the actual national rates described by the T-Mobiles. New T-Mobile service must be purchased online at to qualify for the corporate discount. Discount is reflected in sale price. The members of Rural/Metro Corporation is provided with a user name and password. They can login using these credentials.

The member will have the options to browse through the products. They can select their device and then they can select their plan. They also have a provision to browse through the plans if they have the device already. The user just needs to purchase the plan and it will activate in the user mobiles. The coverage areas are also shown in the site so that the users will get to know which plan will be suitable for their location. Finally the selected device and plan is put into the shopping cart from there the user can finalize their purchase and the payment can be done.


  • Plan saving comparison helps the user to choose between plans.
  • Can browse through all kind of mobile phones.
  • Coverage area along with the map is provided.
  • Plan details are provided.
  • Shopping cart facility.

This is deployed in high performance and technologically advanced dedicated server.

Technologies used

CakePHP,MySQL,JS/JQuery/AJAX, PayPal Integration

Duration of the project

4 months