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Project Description

Penny Stock Tweets (PST) is the ultimate penny stock traders resource. An essential everyday tool for all penny stock traders and investors. The free tools that are available in PST allows anyone having an interest in penny stocks to perform extensive due deligence stock analysis with just a few clicks. Simple and convenient are two key features why we think this is a must site for all

Penny Stock Tweets is Twitter and so much more. Penny Stocks move on buzz as in; the more people talking about a penny stock ticker, the greater chance it has to move. Penny Stock Tweets- PST traders search the web to find penny stocks to watch.

They want to find penny stocks to buy, they want the best penny stocks. They search social media sites such as Twitter & Facebook as well as message boards on their quest for Hot Penny Stocks.

Penny Stock Tweets is an excellent resource for finding the Top Penny Stocks, because we use the latest internet technologies to collect and present information about the best penny stocks currently being traded. Unlike other resources available to penny stock traders, we provide traders with a never seen before visual view of the entire OTC market, showing real time changes in "Buzz," dollar volume and percentage change, as it is happening. Penny Stock Tweets also allows users to send messages, charts and even videos about penny stocks across multiple social media sites, inclusive of the user's disclaimers and all with the touch of a button.



  • Top 15 & Top 100 Stocks
  • Promotion Tracker
  • 3D OTC Heat Maps
  • Buzz Cloud
  • Scribling Stocks
  • Watch Lists
  • Friends & Followers
  • 5+ Tools - PST Browser Tool Bar, Badges, Top 15 Widgets, PST Tweets widgets, PST Share Button
  • Posts / Mentions / Private Messages
  • Real time fetching the stock trade informations.
  • User Registration & Profile Management
  • Post Message / Chart / Video to PST & Other social medias.
  • Integration with 25+ websites including social websites like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.
  • Realtime Stock News Feeds
  • Realtime Stock Charts & Videos

This is deployed in high performance and technologically advanced dedicated servers. It uses 4 Servers running parallel for different operations.

Technologies used

PHP, CakePHP, ASP.Net, Java / Servlets, MySQL, JS/JQuery. AJAX, Twitter API, FaceBook API, Linkedin API, Other 20+ API Integrations

Duration of the project

12 Months and keep adding new features & functionalities since last 3 years.