Lezggo - Ride sharing application

Lezggo - Ride Booking Application

Lezggo is a ride sharing application which can be used by both drivers and passengers by a simple registration. Lezggo is basically a taxi app which provides 24*7 ride sharing services to meet the transportation requests anytime. There are options for reviewing profiles of drivers and passengers before confirming a trip to begin. A strict verification and performance checking is carried out to ensure safety and thus enabling secure drive on road.

One of the benefits provided in this rideshare app is car-pooling facility. This allows the cab to convert to a shared taxi if chosen. Accordingly, passengers can select which mode to travel as per their convenience. There is a private mode for persons for whom privacy is a concern and a Sharing mode for the passengers who are ready to share the car for the trip. Users can comfortably choose the car ride based on their requirements and conditions in this taxi app.

The special features include city ride sharing, Long distance Carpooling, GPS enabled location settings and many such ride services. There will be a virtual account for the drivers and the passengers with rewards points system. This helps the users to get reward points for each transaction they make.

Excellent Features

Here are several causes that make our template worth paying attention to

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    City Ride Sharing

    This ride share app helps to achieve mutual benefits for the registered passengers and drivers. This allows taxi available at emergency times.

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    Simple and easy registration

    You can follow some very easy steps for registering at Lezggo. Separate profiles are available for drivers and passengers under each category.

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    Long distance Car Pooling Facility.

    This facility allows the passenger to share their cab on demand. This concept of shared taxi is more economical for passengers in long drive.

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    Safe and secure financial transactions

    All financial transactions taking place at this taxi app is transparent and secure. Reward points system is available to avail special discounts.

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    GPS enabled settings for accurate location access

    During travel, GPS settings are enabled to make sure to reach the correct destination. Google Maps integrated location settings is available.

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    Fast and instant service

    This taxi app ensures fast service by checking on real time notifications. Drivers and passengers need to record all the recent updates quickly.



Dedicated cloud server.

Technologies used

PHP, CakePHP, MySQL, JS/JQuery/AJAX, Java, Objective C, FFMPEG

Duration of the project

2 Months