50-Fifty Details

Project Description

Our app serves as an online retail search and discovery service. It lets the users pick the best deals available whenever they go out to shopping. The application digitally traces the users current location and intimates them about the offers available to them nearby. We are offering the people an option to pick the best offer available to them on a daily basis.



  • ​​50-fifty is an online retail search and discovery service that concentrates on hyper local business content.
  • ​The app digitally trails the customer and lets its users know about the best offers and discounts available to them respective of their current location.​ ​We sort of digitally trails a user and let him know the best offers available in and around him
  • ​​Sign up and know more about the shops you want to go shopping
  • Apart from the deals we provide a complete branding experience to all shops that the users can know a great deal about the retailers just by logging in.
  • Download the app right away and be ready for a new shopping experience.

It has been deployed to high performance and technologically advanced cloud based server.

Technologies used

PHP, CakePHP , MySQL , JS/JQuery/AJAX, Java, GPS

Duration of the project

3 Months