Workshopper is the name used for the open source lesson modules associated with NodeSchool( All are self guided and most work offline. Each lesson provides some hints to reach the output

You’ll need Node.js on your computer to get started with each of these. Then use npm to install each module with the command below it. Once installed, simply type the workshopper’s name to launch.

learnyounode is the workshop for learning the basics of node, asynchronous i/o, http. This can be installed by – $ npm install -g learnyounode

once installed to lauch simply use – $ learnyounode

Further commands :-
» To print these instructions again, run: learnyounode print
» To execute your program in a test environment, run: learnyounode run program.js
» To verify your program, run: learnyounode verify program.js
» For help run: learnyounode help

More details on the list of workshoppers can be found here –

Similarly we have, ExpressWorks – an Automated  Express.js / Node.js Workshop and Tutorial. It can be installed easily for those who have Node.js (and NPM) installed already by –

$ sudo npm install -g expressworks@latest