Mobile Apps in the present times have become more of a necessity rather than an optimal investment to increase sales and meet customer requirements. Mobile development has of late become one of the most prospering sectors being dominated by Google apps, gaming apps, social media and lifestyle. Large companies make use of mobile apps for the purpose of branding, direct marketing and engaging customers while small and medium businesses are creating their own apps.
We have listed some mobile app development trends that will determine the future of 2018

Trend No 1 : Wearable Apps Development

A new technology market has been developed between wearable and smartwatches. Although these devices have features that they can operate independently, they still need some support from mobile like Apple Watch needs the network of iPhone for making calls. So for easier access to data users want to synchronize their wearable devices with their mobile phones.

Trend No 2: Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

2018 will see AR and VR go much beyond gaming and entertainment. Both AR & VR have great potential to transform the industrial sector. Augmented Reality will cater to healthcare, retail, real estate and engineering while Virtual Reality will focus on gaming and event sphere technology.

Trend No 3: Internet of Things

Sensor technology is used by IoT in non-IT devices to facilitate automation, monitoring, and remote control. Since IoT Apps are booming, developers are opting for the best choice for remote devices. As it is IoT devices depend on mobile devices to synchronize data for consumers. Thus with the tremendous increase in IoT uses there will be more mobile apps managing these devices effectively.

Trend No 4: Mobile Payments

People indulging in online shopping through mobile apps, end up paying through internet banking or by Credit/debit cards. Customers are shifting to M-commerce with the introduction of Google Wallet and Apple Pay. M-Commerce will be the in thing in 2018 as customers find this a better and more comfortable payment option. Even companies can store data effectively providing the detailed analysis of clients when required.

Trend No 5: Cloud based Apps

Cloud-driven apps are being increasingly designed by mobile app developers. Due to this increased cloud technology, data can be easily accessed with no effect on the memory of your phone. With Google Drive, Dropbox and several cloud-based apps, we will see more cloud driven mobile apps in the present year.

Trend No 6: Enterprise Apps & BYOD

BYOD or Bring your own device is being increasingly adopted by companies. Last year over 70% companies were investing in BYOD for their employee. This number will increase manifold in 2018 reducing cost and speeding the mobile app development process. But with the increasing popularity of BYOD, there is a risk that personal devices of employers will affect enterprise mobile apps. So developers are trying to secure the codes of apps to spread greater awareness for encryption and authorization.

Trend No 7: Machine Learning, Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence

With Apps it is becoming easy to study the preferences of users through conversational and customized commerce and also by chatting with online shoppers. This is profitable for any business where apps upgrade with chatbot observations. Although we have benefited from apps like Siri, Prisma and Google Now, 2018 will see much more by keeping the mobile apps trend intact.

Trend No 8: Android Instant Apps

Android instant apps function more like websites and do not require installation as there are no borders between website and app. Android instant apps are very convenient and easy to share running on all android versions. It is easy to access apps with a click from just anywhere on your site. These apps are just like loading a web page.

Trend No 9: Block Chain

Blockchain invented by Santoshi Nakamoto conceived a new currency-Cryptocurrency. No one could possibly think that this currency will redefine the way of mobile payments in the coming years. What is made possible with blockchain is that payment apps like Fold, Gliph and BitPay will rule in 2018 and in the near future.

Trend No 10: Lazy Loading

Lazy loading technology is what we are expecting in 2018. When images take longer to load the users do not waste time waiting for the article to open, rather they just leave. Due to this, the conversion rate falls. Lazy loading was implemented to prevent this. Now images do not overload the page but only load when their turn comes.

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