Use of Voice Search Optimization
If you are a business owner you need to differentiate between the queries addressed by your target audience. When you text search you might be looking for more than just a text or call. When you are using Google voice search digital assistant you may want to be directed to the right choice.
There are several ways for Google’s voice search ranking algorithms to optimize your website.

Main differences between Voice Search and Text
Every webmaster in order to make your SEO campaign effective not only has to understand the strategic differences between text and voice search but also has to pay attention to four main aspects
When you text a query it probably will be vague and short while on the other hand when you voice search the query is longer and more specific
Voice search responds in a better way to questions while in case of text the number of questions is more when compared to affirmations.
When longer key phrases are optimized the intent gets stronger and you will most likely target a niche audience
Voice search usage is location specific as compared to text search. Location signals have become a major aspect of optimization for businesses.

Strategies and Ways for Google Voice Search Optimization
Although Voice search is getting more prominent, speech recognition technology is not that advanced to understand words and sounds accurately. Despite this voice search SEO Optimization efforts will benefit businesses in a big way by receiving extra traffic. Businesses can adopt certain steps towards voice search SEO optimization.

Analyze all Official directions – There are different guides for each voice search assistant like specific guides for Siri, Cortana or Google Voice. Research the patterns and similarities of all algorithms so when you see an SEO advantage for one voice assistant, it may work suitably for others too. You can keep studying till you come up with clear figures.
Search queries usually revolve around places and information that people require either specific or suggestive. Ensure that your brand name is present or listed and set up well so that users are able to access contact information like name, address, phone number, email etc. With this Google will help to rank your website in the search environment.
You have to study the basics of marketing to predict the thinking process and behavior of customers. By understanding their nature you will be able to predict their intent making it easier for you to sell your product.
Since voice assistants have a name, can listen, speak and process information, users feel that they are not merely algorithms so they speak to them like a friend. This way questions asked are more so your content can be optimized for specific questions.
Every service or product has an FAQ page with necessary answers. This page needs to be leveraged to optimize potential queries.
Structured data Markup or Schema markup understand the context and nature of content with the help of search engines. Google’s  ‘chema-vocabularies’  optimize your website making your keywords or key phrases more relevant to search engines that will help to make your content more preferable as compared to a non-optimized one of a competitor.
Make sure that your website is mobile friendly at all times since maximum users own a smartphone to use Google search services in case they do not have their own personal digital assistants.

This really is the time for voice search optimization as it is fast and convenient. Just think how convenient and time saving it would be for a smart voice assistant always at your beck and call for any information you require at your home, office or even on the street. Google voice search optimization is definitely the golden goose for your marketing requirements.