Do you know there are two things that business managers want to improve about their employees? These are productivity and effectiveness. But these are the most difficult things to find solutions for.

There isn’t a single method which can work in all situations or for every employee. Frankly, this is where the biggest roadblock is. What is required is a method or two. And these methods should be designed especially for employees and situations which are unique in their own environment. Now, this is where custom app development services or software comes into the picture and solves the issues of productivity and effectiveness.

Why Pre-Made Methods Might Not Be That Effective

If you are looking for creating a calculator program, then there is no harm in going for a pre-designed one. Since they all do the same functions and the results produced are universal. But this might not work for your organization, unless if your employees are spending the day simply adding the columns of figures. So, you might want to measure productivity which is more than a simple calculator program.

Most of the pre-programmed project management software are based on a simple concept. Each time a certain action is done (needed to be performed), it can be easily done in the same manner. For example, let’s take a program that is specifically created for sales tracking. This is based on the concept that each person is selling in the same manner, has the same kind of advertising method and can base the failure or success based on the same statistic. Frankly, this isn’t far from the truth.

Now when it is related to productivity, pre-programmed business management software fail because of-

  • Different Set Of Tasks For Every BusinessLets considers a situation. There are two employees Mark and Bennet. Both of them are in charge of the sales of their business. Mark sells cowboy hats and Frank is in the sales of high-end jewelry. Now both the men need to focus on the different segments of the society, do advertisement in various venues and be able to measure their sales based on the different criteria. Frankly, here they would require two various kinds of sales tracking or custom app development software for sales tracking. So, Mark will need to focus on the brick and mortar hat sellers while Frank on his firm’s online jewelry store. Here one program or business application development software won’t work for both.
  • Individual Working Style For Each Group Of EmployeesNow a certain company might be having employees who follow the creativity aspect. While there might be a business which needs its employees to be a lot detail-oriented and even consistent. So, one might need a project management software that is adaptable and another one needs a project management tool which is open to creativity. There could be others who need custom software app development services and tools which can handle the speeding up routine tasks that are the same however, a bit time-consuming.
  • Different Place Of Importance For Common Task In Each BusinessLet’s assume a scenario where two businesses advertise on social media. Both have presences on Facebook too. Now here there is a huge need of keeping in track of people, content and comments too.But one business will be having clientele which is based mainly on social media sites like Facebook. In such situations, one has to keep track of the content, individuals and even the comments. Most importantly, Business A will be having clientele based on the major Facebook and Business B will be targeting customers who hang out in the forums. In such a case, both really need to keep track of the information available on Facebook. But in the case of Business B, it won’t be of great importance especially for the tasks that are done using forum marketing.
  • Effectiveness And Productivity Have Different Meaning In Each ScenarioHere this one is simply self-explanatory. Now what one business might consider to be a productivity day, it might be a small drop in the ocean for others. Here effectiveness is a simple term which is defined by the individual business.
  • Learning Curve For The Shelf Software Will Be Intense And Can Take The Time Away For Most TasksKeep in mind that what might be available might not work with the current project management software of a company. Here while you are increasing productivity, you won’t require a program that crashes the system. It will only work on the part of your employee’s system or might need setting up hours for training time.These are some of the partial lists of the common reasons why ready-made business management software will hinder effectiveness and productivity. Let’s check out how custom software app development services can solve most of your deficiencies.

Getting Rid Of Issues Related To Effectiveness & Productivity

For increasing productivity, one needs to find ways of effectively automate tasks. These are those tasks which look same yet take a huge amount of time. For example, this can be something like having information in one program that gets transferred to another program automatically.

Here it must be designed to work with all other project management software and be used by all employees every day irrespective or where they are. Frankly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Custom business management software assists in productivity in the given manner –

  • Helping You To Do What You WantThe best part of custom app development is that it does the task you want. For example, like automatically taking care of the payroll tasks, collecting information from one program and then adding it automatically to another one which it needs. This happens without needing manual transferring or performing any kind of time-consuming activities.
  • Created Specifically For BusinessJust before getting any work done on the program, it is important that the designer must know about the business, the employees working and what must need to accomplish. Here, those who are going to use the project management software will be the best ones to know about what they need and also are the ones who can help to test it. So, it will make sure that it works with a given system and even saves a huge amount of time and energy.There is another aspect related to this which is giving you an advantage of having something which none of your competitors has. So, it means you get the advantage of becoming more productivity compared to what you have previously.
  • Increasing CommunicationThe best or you can say one of the greatest methods of being productivity as well as efficient is to work on projects across various places and that too in real time. Now you might be having offices all over the country or even overseas. In this case, you really know how much difficult and time-consuming it can be for you to share the works-in-progress and get the necessary feedbacks. Most importantly, it will be time-consuming as different people will be working on different parts of the project.With the assistance of custom software app development services you can easily bridge this gap and make it possible for team members to communicate with each other, if they are at different places, doing various other task but on the same project. Somewhat like working on real-time.


It is great to have a business application development software in your business. Especially if it plays nice with your current system and simply works in the way your company needs, thereby increasing effectiveness as well as productivity. So, what happens is that it creates happier and less stressed employees. More importantly, happier employees will be able to give their full effort in their work, that leads to increased productivity as well as effectiveness.