One of the biggest concerns as of today, when you think of organization growth is brand awareness. Building brand awareness is more about repetitive exposure where the name of your business is visible to your target audience either verbally or visually. But ensure your inbound marketing strategies are presented in a way that your audience will approach you willingly instead getting annoyed or interrupted by your visuals and verbal messages. People like and share infographics three times than other content. In fact, coloured and attractive visual content in the form of videos, slideshows and presentations inspire people to read the content by over 80%.

Why Voice and Visuals are Important for Growth of your Organization
Visual content has proved to an important business tool for digital marketers not only to drive traffic but also to locate specific content. Images have the capability to allow users to visualize ideas and also to process information more effectively as compared to texts. Technology in the last two years or so has brought about great advancements in the digital world. Besides visuals, voice-enabled commands and devices have become a popular digital marketing trend. In fact, both visuals and voice search are interrelated. Two popular social media platforms Instagram and Pinterest have imagery as their main content. Studies have revealed that 80% of Instagram users follow business while 90% of Pinterest users information about their purchase decisions. Beauty & the fashion industry is an example that uses visuals as their dominant tool to influence users. Snap chat along with Amazon has proceeded with web development enterprise thus offering a perfect user experience. Camera search has proved to help consumers as sales funnel.
Voice search dominated by SEO is three times more effective than texts. Register your organization on Google Business or Bing Places to optimize your business location for SEO.

Ways to Increase Brand Awareness on Social Media through Voice and Visuals

Social Media is a great way to improve awareness about your organization as the more people see and hear about your brand, the more your services and products will sell.

Develop a distinctive personality and tone of voice. A casual conversation and a charismatic personality tends to engage more people
Different tones for different platforms will prove more effective
Visual content is more engaging. Posting graphics and images on social media will be more appealing.
Create and share great and valuable content but make sure that you do not post the same content on all channels
Create a unique branding style with colours and logos that define your organization
Hold Contests and make use of Quora to answer questions driving traffic to your site.
Use Infographics. An ideal way is to create branded infographics, as people tend to go for them
Start conversations by asking questions on specific topics
Make short videos, animated clips and product demos and share them. These might prove to better than infographics
Don’t hesitate to comment on the content of your competitors. By doing so you are displaying self-confidence and portraying a positive attitude
Instead of just reading out notes and slides, interact with your audience and show passion for your organization or brand.

The possibilities of Voice enabled and visual marketing are varied, powerful and plentiful. Once your visuals and voice search shares your brand awareness, your business is sure to grow at an unprecedented rate bringing about a stronger relationship with your customers.