What is an IPA file in iOS?

IPA stands for iPhone Application Archive file. IPA is an executable zipped file that stores an iOS app. It is used for installing an iOS app in various iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is usually an encrypted file that can be installed only on an Apple device since it is encrypted with Apple’s FairPlay DRM technology. Each IPA file is a zipped archive file of programs, compressed with a binary code for the ARM architecture files, having the extension “.ipa” and can be uncompressed after downloading by changing the extension to “.zip” and unzipping it. To get an IPA for a particular application, you have to go to iTunes App store and download the particular file. After downloading, you need to install this app on your apple device.

How to Install IPA file in IOS?

Windows users: Download iTunes from Apple in case if you don’t have it already installed in your machine.

Mac users: iTunes shall be installed in your machine, or you can download ITunes from Apple.

Step 1 : Locate IPA file and Open it with ITunes

At first you need to locate IPA in Finder/Explorer.

  • Locating IPA File:IPA File
  • Open with iTunes:
    open with iTunes
  • Finding the iTunes App:iTunes Apps

Step 2: Select your Device and Select your App.

  • Please connect your device with your PC.
  • Now, you can find your device in left panel under “Devices” section.
  • Select your Device.
  • Click on “Apps” from tab menu on Right side.
  • Check the checkbox of “Sync Apps”
  • Check your Application from list of Application

Select Device and App

Step 3: Install the App.

  • Click “Apply” (Bottom – Right Corner) Button to install the Applications.

Install the App

It’s simple and easy, Check for the Application in your device, and Enjoy using it!