eCommerce website development services are hot cakes in the industry. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic causing a catastrophe to the global business world, a large population of brick-and-mortar vendors are opting the digital form of running their businesses. The demand for business management software, enterprise application development and online shopping app development is skyrocketing. Various platforms are offering you an array of services. But how do you choose the best platform for Ecommerce web development services which suits your business? Here are a few tips to select the ideal platform for your online eCommerce store.

  1. Easy shop setup
  2. Easy navigation and security
  3. Integrations
  4. SEO Friendly
  5. Mobile View
  6. Analytics
  7. Payment Options

Easy shop setup

What you need is a platform that is easy to set up and easy to design. Try out various templates which each platform offers until you find the perfect one that suits your need and feel. Templates are highly efficient in creating a professional look and a bold statement for E-commerce web development with minimal expert hands.

Easy navigation and security

An eCommerce store which is hard to navigate can harm your business? For example, you visit an online store in search of a t-shirt. You find t-shirts which are outdated on top of the list. To find the latest trends, you may have to scroll to the bottom. The chance of you leaving the store is higher.

The golden rule of any business is not to irritate your customers. A seamless, quick and effortless experience is what an online customer is experiencing, something that an eCommerce app development company should take care of.

For an online business which includes payment gateways, top-notch security is a priority. A customer doesn’t expect their credit card to get stolen and be charged for purchases they are not responsible for. A platform that supports HTTPS/SSL ensures a safe and secure checkout and should be a priority.


Having too many options in your store can be a burden to choose from. But it’s the exact opposite when it comes to the number of integrations your online store; the more, the merrier. These integrations can increase customer satisfaction and help your business grow.

Always look for a platform that integrates the online store with your existing social media channels and other platforms. Check for plugins and extensions. This would help you to optimize your online store better and get a wider reach.

SEO Friendly

When shoppers are looking for a particular product or service online, they should be able to find your business easily. Your online store must rank high in the searches, especially if you are new into the world of eCommerce. The initial step is finding an SEO friendly online shopping website development platform and get the best SEO strategies.

Mobile View

Mobile shopping has become the norm for an eCommerce store. According to, global mobile retail revenue is expected to hit $3.56 billion by 2021. Smartphones are responsible for a whopping 65% of retail site visits, making it essential for enterprise application development.


Analytics is very crucial for a revenue-generating online store. Always opt for an eCommerce platform that provides analytics for the number of sales, payment methods, order amounts, along with other stats which are easy to understand.

Payment Options

To generate more money, you need to make it easy for a customer to pay for a product or a service. Select an eCommerce platform which has the popular payment gateways like PayPal, Square, Apple Pay, and Stripe. Easy payment results in a higher revenue generation.


There is a wide array of online shopping website development platforms to choose from, but opting the right one needs intense care. Choosing a weaker platform can result in the downfall of your eCommerce website development services. Want to know more about eCommerce platforms? Say Hi for free consulting. We are a leading eCommerce app development company that can cater to your online store needs.

Which eCommerce platform is best for small businesses?

There are various eCommerce apps that are suited for a small business like Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce etc. However, go for custom eCommerce app development as you can create a personalized and customized outlook easily.

Which eCommerce platform does Flipkart use?

Flipkart has undergone custom eCommerce application development, mostly using PHP for the development of the web application. MySQL is used for the backend processes.

How much does it cost to start an online business?

On average, it costs around $5000 – $10,000 dollars to start a retail store online. However, the cost could vary due to various factors.

Why do most eCommerce stores opt for development of Mobile Apps?

Smartphones account for the majority of the total internet usage. Therefore, eCommerce stores are opting for mobile apps to drive in more traffic to their virtual shop.