Mobile apps have taken over web computing as regards enterprise adoption and mainstream usage. In fact these mobile apps have revolutionized the way people work, think, live and shop. So for enterprise to be successful in this mobile computing age it is very important to have an app that can function by promoting, selling and engaging with users. Organizations are ready to invest heavily in mobile app development tools to fast track the development process and promote their products in the market in the least possible time.
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As regards mobile apps it is vital to select the right architecture based on your business needs as it is these mobile apps that earn huge profits enhancing the users shopping experience. The three main mobile app development platforms are native, cross-platform and mobile web apps

Native Mobile Apps
Native mobile apps use specific programming languages as these are built for some specific platforms like iOS apps are in Swift while Android apps are in Java. Native apps are capable of processing large quantities of data quickly and smoothly and can be optimized for specific platforms. Native apps allow designers to provide a great user experience by customizing the interactions of the user in accordance with the platform. But one demerit of a native mobile app is that it is a costly app not only for developing two separate apps and also for long-term support and maintenance.

Cross Platform Mobile Apps
Cross Platform Mobile apps are a combination of performance and experience of native apps and low cost of web mobile apps. These apps are written in software that converts into one specific type of software for IOS devices and another one for Android devices. Presently there are two major Cross Platform mobile app players namely Xamarin and React Native.

Xamarin is a popular cross-platform tool that uses Microsoft tools and is written in Microsoft language like C++. Xamarin has the ability to create mobile apps that can run even beyond Android and iOS platforms. On the contrary React Native is a new concept evolved on Facebook making best use of both native mobile and the responsive web concept. This provides users with a new flexible experience with a combination of JavaScript and a different way of displaying web pages.

Cross Platform Mobile apps have generally lower developmental costs as this platform creates a single code base eliminating the need of two as in native development. These apps work best as business apps where the user experience and app performance is quite close to that of a native app. This app makes it possible to access a camera, GPS and other features of a mobile device.

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Mobile Web Apps

Mobile web apps constructed with responsive web design adjust easily to the user&rsquos screen size. These apps work both for desktop as well as mobile users. The cost incurred for startup, support, and maintenance are lower as compared to native apps. But it is observed that since all computations are carried on the web server and not on the phone the performance is bound to be slower. Moreover, a responsive web app will be unable to access some of the phone&rsquos hardware like a geolocation data or camera.
Mobile Web apps can be used due to their low cost and fast feedback if you are starting a new business where you are unsure of the market for your product. This can allow you to test your product before you make any real investment.
To conclude with advancing technology new mobile platforms will keep evolving. Use a tool or build a specific solution that you require for your business at present rather than thinking of what you will need in the future.
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