The global COVID-19 pandemic has hit the lives as well as businesses badly. With authorities imposing a lockdown in almost every country, life has come to standstill and the majority of the shops closed down temporarily. However, the coronavirus outbreak has put the eCommerce market in an interesting position.

While internet usage has spiked up by 50% as people opt for social distancing, on another hand, the eCommerce rates have come down by 14% as people are on the verge of losing their job hours. Or better to say that the people are less hesitant to buy during these tough times.

The novel Coronavirus has made a huge impact on manufacturing, production and shipping, leaving eCommerce with lesser goods to sell. Stores are facing delay in delivering the essentials too. This has left E-commerce website development services in a jeopardy. What are the opportunities for an E-commerce website design and development company during this crisis?

COVID-19 & eCommerce

Just like any other business, COVID-19 has adversely impacted eCommerce too. Even if your core product is not affected directly due to the pandemic, the current economic situation can cause harm.

Major retailers are changing their strategy during these tough times. eCommerce giants like Amazon have stopped accepting the shipments of non-essential items and are focusing on the delivery of the essentials like baby products, health and personal care products, groceries, and pet supplies. These moves are a part of their eCommerce strategy and build a unique market share.

This COVID-19 situation can be tricky. A business can find the situation hard, but with the right strategy and a user experience-rich platform, build by an E-commerce app development company, can hit the right note.

A New World Of eCommerce

 Though COVID-19 has posed a serious challenge for retailers, the pandemic situation has offered long-term benefits for eCommerce business. People are forced to learn how to shop online from their smartphones or their laptops. No matter what the future holds, the popularity of eCommerce will be on the rise. This is something an eCommerce website design and development company is looking forward for.

Despite the growth of eCommerce, the majority of people still prefer buying goods from the local shops. They’ll shop online for unique products and the rest from the local physical stores. However, shopping from these brick-and-mortar stores can be painful. While we may need to visit several stores to choose a product, there is a high risk of contacting the coronavirus. As a result, the sales of these online grocery stores have increased. People are forced to adapt quickly in dire circumstances like this pandemic.

Seizing The Moment

The key challenge is to make the most out of this moment. There is a need to shift the customer perspective to grow the business or reduce the delivery time. While there are no definite answers, there are a few strategies.

The first approach is to create a want. The success of a sale lies in converting a customer’s need into a want, making them feel that they must buy the product. Sometimes, you can bundle a product with an essential product. This would help to increase the sales of that particular product. You can indirectly market products too. Post a recipe and challenge the customers to try that. This invokes the curiosity factor and encourages the customers to buy the products.

If the demand is high for products and the supply is low, you can ask your eCommerce website development services partner to create a notification and a waiting list for the products. By this way, the customers will feel valued and will have trust in you.


The possibilities of eCommerce are endless. When most of the brick-and-mortar shops remain closed, run your business effectively and successfully with the right eCommerce enterprise application and strategies. Approach a good eCommerce app development company, get your website online in no time and take your business digital. Want to know more about the scope of eCommerce during COVID-19? Contact us for a free consultation.

Why shut down your store during the lockdown? Go digital and keep your business up and running.

How much does an eCommerce website cost?

Small scale eCommerce website development services with limited features costs around $20,000. The cost of the enterprise application depends upon the features and the design.

How to set up an eCommerce store?

You can set up an e-commerce web development in 8 easy steps. They are:

  1. Choose your domain name
  2. Obtain a secure (SSL) certificate
  3. Choose the right hosting package
  4. Choose the right e-commerce platform
  5. Secure an internet merchant account
  6. Choose a payment service provider
  7. Meet the appropriate level of PCI SSC compliance
  8. Ongoing digital marketing

What is the future of other online businesses?

For online business owners, the expansion of the internet results in a new world of customers and competitors. The online stores’ success will depend on their flexibility, strategies and technologies used in their enterprise application presented to their customers.

What is the preferred programming language to develop an eCommerce website?

Python is the most popular language for Ecommerce website development services because its main focus is on efficiency and readability.

What is the best way to build a website for an eCommerce startup?

If you want to start with eCommerce web design and development services, try site builders like Wix, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento etc. You can also get customized application development services from a reputed eCommerce app development company .