Email continues its domination as one of the most trusted and popular communication platforms available to brands and marketers. From simple, personalized content to artificial intelligence email marketing strategy is going to be bigger and better in 2020.

From trust-building to some of the greatest ROI generation on online platforms, Email marketing services have proven to be the best brand-building strategy.

Mobile browsing has surpassed desktop users in contributing to network traffic. Mobile devices have an unmatchable share of the traffic percentage concerning the majority of eCommerce usage.

  • Revenue generated from mobile phones has gone up by 23% every year, leading to advanced mobile optimization across every digital marketing platform.
  • Researches prove that 65% of the consumers surf the internet and buy in the digital space via their smartphones. 
  • Mobile-specific changes have come through accelerated mobile pages, rich communication services messaging and mobile-friendly designs.

Studies say that more email opens are reported from smartphones than normal desktops, reflecting mobile shifts across the vast online marketing services across the globe.

Getting Started With The Trend

Personalization of e-mails is the key to mastering the marketing strategy. Personal branding emails is something that your subscribers and customers expect in 2020. Your consumers receive a huge lump of emails every day. So, emails need to have personalization in it.

  • Brands apply personalized marketing content and data from other platforms which adds value to your consumers, increasing the likeliness to purchase.
  • Personalizing emails helps you to cater to your customer’s unique interests and needs while traveling down the sales funnel. 
  • Sales conversions are boosted by 12%.
  • For an effective personal branding of emails, you need to leverage data gained and content across various free email marketing platforms.
  • Customize your email campaigns based on your subscribers’ engagements and interactions with your brand across the web.
  • These subscribers could include your Facebook or followers for Instagram.

Response Interactivity

Along with personalized content, interactivity will be the star among email marketing. In 2020, the chances of opening an email from the mobile devices will be greater than the desktop users.

  • 70% of mobiles users are expected to delete the emails if not optimized. It’s advised to have a multi-device robust and responsive approach for the mail campaigns.
  • Interactivity, when fused with responsiveness, challenges even the most advanced and experienced providers of digital marketing services

Calls-to-action and animated buttons, rollover effects to display product offerings, interactive product and image carousels and UGC (interactive, polls and surveys) are some of the best interactive email components to note.

2020 will witness the bloom of smart speakers using voice assistance which can read emails to consumers. With an approximate of 250 million speakers ready for installation, modern email marketers are taking the access route to the next level.


The use of smart devices, smart speakers, and voice assistance to consume online content is estimated to conquer around 57% of the US homes. This trend is expected to rise in the future.

Smart email marketers are gearing themselves for a paradigm shift in email content creation with accessibility with the addition of CTAs (auditory). You need to know accessible content isn’t just beneficial for the concerned smart device operators/owners.

  • Users with technical disabilities and visual impairments will want the content to sound personal to them.
  • To make emails more seamless and accessible, add semantic elements. Add images with Alt text, larger font sizes, and bigger line spacing and overall shorter content.
  • The other aspects are proper text alignment, which makes it clear for the user to read.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is gaining prominence and will redefine the email marketing strategy. Marketers striving to create relevant content for the proper individual at the right time. The key to a perfect email marketing strategy is to understand the taste of a customer and deliver their requirements.

What is the future of email marketing?

The future of Email marketing is providing better data and personalized content. AS most of the users treat promotional emails as spam, the future is personalized mail.

What is the biggest trend in online marketing today?

The current trends of online email marketing are:

  • Shoppable Posts
  • Virtual And Augmented Reality
  • Interactive Content
  • Personalization
  • Google Ads Smart Bidding
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Content
  • SERP Position Zero

Why is email marketing important?

Email marketing plays a key role in building relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers as we speak directly to them at their convenience.

What are the Digital Marketing Trends for 2020?

The key digital marketing trends for 2020 are:

  • Predictive marketing
  • Smarter ad bidding
  • Shoppable posts
  • SEO structured data
  • More interactive email experience
  • Multi-channel social messaging and enhanced attribution
  • Templated marketing automation and better integrations
  • More voice search adoption

How much does email marketing cost?

On average, a medium-sized business can expend a monthly expenditure of $10-$1000 for email marketing services. The cost depends on various factors and features used in the campaigns.