Agile development has become a rage in today&rsquos world and its success depends mainly on maintaining organization by being flexible. For this, we need a good set of tools through which we can constantly track our project on one hand and organize the progress of the team on the other. These tools merely make it simpler for developers to attain their goals through self-management. There are a number of development tools to assist managers and developers to set their priorities and write codes.
Agile development tools have one common feature ie a graphic dashboard that helps to meet goals as well as tracks the team’s performance. These innovative tools are continuous integration tools that automatically and instantly graph the working of the new code. Another important aspect of agile development tools is the organization of planning and discussion. Below we have discussed 4 top agile development tools that prove to be good continuous integration tools.

Jira Agile
Jira is Atlassian’s agile project management tool that effectively interacts with other Atlassian tools. It allows teams to assign work, organize problems and follow all team activities. It has several add-on features like building sprint blockages, developing user stories and visualizing team activities. The dashboard updates on its own when the code is committed to Atlassian’s Git or the hosting products Bitbucket or Stash. HipChat is used for discussions that later indexes to the tasks.

Telerik TeamPulse
Telerik is a popular framework that creates apps for tracking projects with TeamPulse. Telerik’s TeamPulse synchronizes with Microsoft cloud-based version of TFS that also supports Scrum and Kanban. Tasks that have to be completed are displayed on the main screen that also follows the team as the work progresses. Configuration options and reports show the project is completed. TeamPulse also works with Telerik’s other tools for both developing and testing code.

With Planbox, multiple teams work in four levels of organizations all working for a common aim. Initiatives being the largest abstraction are located on the top. Projects are developed on items that are full of tasks. Planbox prepares reports for stakeholders as the team finishes all the tasks. The best feature is that customers can give opinions before the code is set. There is a time tracking feature that allows comparison of time taken on every item finally estimating the time taken to complete the task and the time it should have taken.
Planbox integrates with Github for storage of code, UserVoice for bug tracking and Zendesk for customer satisfaction tracking.

LeanKit works like a cloud-based whiteboard that is used for surveying all organizational processes. The team members can post virtual notes or cards representing tasks, and user stories that have to be completed. As soon as the work is completed by the team the board updates quicker than a whiteboard. Multiple teams can work together coordinating their interactions even while working in their separate spaces through this software.